January 31, 2008
Krista Tippett —
Remembering Forward

Before a live audience at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota, Krista reads from her book, "Speaking of Faith." She traces the intersection of human experience and religious ideas in her own life, just as she asks her guests to do each week. Krista reflects on her adventure of conversation across the world's traditions — and on the whole story of religion in human life, beyond the headlines of violence.

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is the host and creator of On Being, and the author of Speaking of Faith and Einstein's God.

Selected Readings

Excerpt from Chapter One of Speaking of Faith

What is faith? What is religion? What is spirituality? Each of these words is difficult for some of us and richly meaningful for others. Together they describe an aspect of human experience that has taken our age by surprise. I want to explore this surprise in all its complexity and variety, and to set our common encounter with it on a new footing.

Excerpt from Chapter Two of Speaking of Faith

In the mid-twentieth century, before the temporary death of God, before Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, there was such a thing as "public theology" in American life, and Reinhold Niebuhr was its most trenchant voice. In my life of conversation, he is one of the thinkers most often cited as an influence by a vast array of modern people. He is one of the religious voices who guides my thought about what has gone wrong with religion in our common life and how it might go right again.

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A Musical Evening with Krista Tippett

Yes, we're a radio program, but sometimes the visual helps — especially when trying to envision Dan Chouinard's piano and the exotic instruments Marc Anderson is playing in the background!

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Krista Tippett and Dan Chouinard perform live at the Fitzgerald Theater on April 5, 2007.

Photo by Eric Melzer

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I have spent several hours today, catching up by streaming several of your recent interviews, as well as your intro to your own book. I cannot begin to tell you how inspiring your work is to me. Thank you, thank you Krista. Kudos!