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Go to the woods of Kyushu, Japan. Engineer a massive xylophone (or is it a marimba?) to run down the slope of a forested hill. Take a wooden ball, place it at the top of said instrument, and push it. What do you get? Bach's treatment of a traditional church hymn! Namely, "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring."

And, all this for a Japanese commercial for a kidney-shaped smartphone with the tagline, "Touch Wood." I may be late to the party on this one, but when I think of all the time it took to set this up, the precision and measurements used to adjust it and actually make each piece, and how many takes the film crew shot, it continues to inspire even if it's a year old.

And, here you can see how it was made:

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All I can say is WOW!!

Awesome- what an extra-ordinary effort-Divine

Japanese esthetics and precisión surprises me all the time.


Magical, inspiring and so clever! What an accomplishment - and a great choice of music BECAUSE it is well known, so more people can appreciate the art involved in making this 'performance' happen.

The brain is indeed a terrible thing to waste.


So GREAT! AND, makes me want to buy the phone, too, which has a wonderful design, plus beautiful, smooth wood! An amazing, uplifting creation of music and engineering combined! Thank you!

This is truly amazing. Well done!and cogratulations

Sorry you can not hear the music of the ntural forest drowned out by an Ego to do one better, a shame


I didn't realize Bach wasn't the originator of Jesu...thanks for that bit of precision!

Sooooooooooo lovely! Thank you for sharing.


this is great...original, holds your attention... until the end... wonder how much was the production cost....

WOW! very good! the wok of a genious!

I don't care what anybody thinks about this. This is amazing. Who cares if it sounds a little clunky. Its a ball rolling down wood. Playing a song. If you don't like it you are just mad you didn't think of it.


Amazing people these Japanese.

This is a COMMERCIAL, so the Bach melody is wisely selected. Because it would be recognized by a large audience, for maximum appreciation. If the melody selected had been the theme from "Pancham Se Gara" of Ravi Shankar, the achievement would have been just as noteworthy -- but fewer people would recognize the melody and appreciate the commercial.

This is so amazing!

That's truly blending art, commerce and spirituality.

Wow! That was most excellent!!

wow! Loved it .... thank you!

AMAZING !!!!!!!


Awesome. So creative and unique. For those that do not like this, I can not understand. We need people in the world to come up with fun, interesting and unique concepts otherwise we would all be wearing the same clothes, listening to the same music eating the same boring food. Ideas like this are inspiring.


Thank you SO much! What a beautifully genius way to promote something, while at the same time holding the interest of individuals who love Bach!

quite a feat to create such beauty

perfectly wonderful

Absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Really awesome fantastic creativity ...

I am simply speechless and full of wonder. Thank you for sharing this with me. I am 80 and facing the wonder of the Ultra Deep Slice of Heaven.


I enjoy it very match, it´s Fantastic and marvellous, my congratulations

If Carlsberg did Marble Runs. . .

Just goes to show how little I know.

Wow, there was a lot of work to do!

I think this is incredible, what wonderful use of wood in a forest. I love the sounds of the stream in the back ground, I don't think that Bach could ever imagine that his music would ever be set in a forest with nature as a back up. The birds in harmony with stream. Thank for the pleasure of allow so many others to enjoy this, I thought it was amazing.

BRAVOOOOOOO!!!!! BRAAAAAAVOOOOOOO! BRAVOOOOOOOOOOO! Thank you for the smile you put on my face! :-)

phenomenal, fantastic!


I applaud all of the inspired people who put this all together. This is very fascinating and interesting. Much talent was needed to complete this masterpiece and it was accomplished. Bravo!!!

WOW! Thank you for your amazing contribution to the Arts! What a creative and unique concept of bringing Music and Nature together. Also and amazing Recycling of our Natural Resources that would have otherwise just rotted away!

beautiful and absolutely amazing!

Humanity's ever-present quest to experience spiritual beauty reaches a new level with this creation.

Truly memorable and amazing.