A moving site in New York City today as family members of the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks visit the South Pool of the 9/11 Memorial during tenth anniversary ceremonies.

(photo: Todd Heisler-Pool/Getty Images)

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words inadequate--just gaze at this memorial

The woman in focus seems to be a Muslim (judging by her prayer posture).  It makes the image much more powerful.  Thanks for sharing it.

Jon, I've been wondering about this since I first laid eyes on the photo. Also, perhaps you noticed the woman next to the right of her in the exquisite red dress and head garb has her hands laid open, palms facing up. These hand gestures ultimately capture the viewers' eyes in my opinion.

I did notice the other woman as well.  Agreed, my eyes went to both sets of hands very quickly.  Muslim women praying and grieving at the memorial; I hope this gets shared.