Steven Waldman — Liberating the Founders
October 30, 2008

Americans remain divided about how much religion they want in their political life. As we elect a new president, we return to an evocative, relevant conversation from earlier this year with journalist Steven Waldman. From his unusual study of the American founders, he understands why 21st-century struggles over religion in the public square spur passionate disagreement and entanglement with politics at its most impure.

(photo: Chris Norris)


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A column Waldman wrote for the Wall Street Journal asks whether a campaign video may have crossed the line.

See some snapshots from Krista's interview with Steve Waldman.

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Gunnar preaches on Library Mall in Madison, Wisconsin. The public square serves as a confluence where students and faculty from the state university, employees and legislators from the state capitol, and the general public interact.

(photo: Chris Norris)

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Following your reflections on our "Founding Fathers" I wanted to share this podcast I came across, as I worked on archiving various shows I have enjoyed listening to over the years. FYI there is no agenda just more info to expand what we already know.

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is founder and editor-in-chief of Beliefnet and the author Founding Faith.

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