Jesper Nordin conducts the Sjællands Symfoniorkester (Copenhagen Philharmonic) in a flash mob at Copenhagen Central Station playing Ravel’s Boléro. This kind of performance art reminds us that, when you least expect it, you can become submerged in beauty within moments: anywhere, by anyone (in street clothes, hauling a bassoon), and it can disappear just as quickly.

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Beauty in a Ravaged time...Simply Awesome...Thank You!

I love this

Art flash-mobs make me crazy-happy. They are like a foretaste of heaven. Thanks for sharing!


I'm sure they're working on a law right now to put a stop to this sort of thing...

Oh my...that was so inspiring...tears and a full heart inspiring!  More of that...more music, more passion, more sharing random and planned.  Thanks and I love on Being.

I love this. It is so cool.

I watched this over and over.  Every time I cry and laugh and smile.  It makes me know that there is beauty in the world.

Absolutely sent chills up my spine. AMAZING!  Thank you for sharing. Is this what heaven is like?

They should have played Edvard Grieg's "In The Hall of the Mountain King."

Yes! Moments like this remind us of what it means to be fully human.

Evens like this make me cry with joy. I imagine that everyone there left feeling good about being apart of this life, and hopeful about it's future. What a wonderful gift the musicians gave to those commuters and all of us who have seen this video.