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Truly, the true religion of Japan is Aestheticism!

Much more fun than making war...............

you guy's have way to much time on your hands.

excellence excelled.......simply wonderful

Outstanding! The implementation of a great idea by skilled craftsman is refreshing to see.

Excellent and amazing. Kudos to the team which made it. The imagination of the person who conceived it in the first place needs to be applauded. Thanks for the presentation.

Nice to see that there are still some creativity left out there. Education can't totaly take it away.

Amazing! Beautiful!

A wonderful gift to us all - hard to believe it's a 'commercial'! Lovely, thank you!

A feat of engineering and art. How interesting to pull off such a feat. No, the sound is different than that played on polished instruments by polished musicians but the quality of sound was not the intent. The creativity is markedly unique and skillful and the dedication to the task to produce an original inspiration in a verdant setting is awesome in accomplishment. I say hurrah for humankind! Magnifico!



Fantastic dedication to a memorable event with enjoyment to all who watch this "Touch Wood Commercial" Cheers to all....

I have to say that this is one of the most interesting videos that I have EVER seen. Congratulations to all that made it!!!!



Outstandingly incredible. I wish more money & intellect was diverted into areas like these, rather than feeding greed & profiteering.

There is, frankly, a point where "professional" departs from "amateur." Overexposure to western music has spoiled me. It seems like they picked the oldest tune every American would know. Granted, familiarity is something to be cherished, but it's for marketing, to Westerners. I really, really wish America as a culture would get off its comfy musical hiney and make it possible for these folks to have some latitude of choice. Off hand, I can think of a dozen tunes that would have suited at least as well, maybe better with the tempo variations, except that they wouldn't be widely recognized.

Apparently I've done too many weddings....

It is a FANTASTIC job where unity is strength!

thrilling, sensational, mind boggling, exhilarating, heart warming, soul satisfying, peaceful, embracing, centering, thoughtful, internationally echoes love and peace and a message of harmony, happiness in a universal language of quiet melody, music, song!
Thank you all for sharing this across the world.

Hard work, Driven purposed team to one song. It is magnificent! It is magnificent from the first tree fallen to the last drop of the ball on wood. Excellent.

Sheer Fun and Delight!



Utterly amazing! Such incredibly, smart creative people!

Domo arigato gozaimasu.




Beautiful!!! Wow! Wow! Wow!

no comment just enjoy


Now it's time to write some music that includes the bubbling brook, the birds and other natural sounds with the xylophone complimenting.

seriously, seriously fabulous.. not enough music in the world, this effort was totally appreciated by me.. a million times fabulous

There are no words! I hope they kept it up for people to visit and hear. WOW!


It was truly an experience in music, man's ingenuity, hard work, and inspiration! Whoever thought of this, outdid the great thinkers of commercialism! Remarkable! Industrious! Very creative! A superlative idea that was done and recorded for all to enjoy!!
Arigato gozimasu!! May you all live a thousand years...God bless!!!

Great, great job and talent & teamwork.

Amazing and joy to listen to thing. Even the deer enjoyed it. WOW what a beautiful event.

Aside from the fact that this was most enjoyable, it must have been a major mathematical challenge to select a tree that
they could project would be tall enough to get to the last note after carving, cutting, etc. There is no end to creativity! Thank
the Lord.


WOW! Speechless! Such patience and tenacity!

Unbelievable I have just purchased an original xylophone to learn some of my scales and arpeggios for the piano, but this piece of engineering takes the biscuit, well done.

amazing....not only imagination to create the instrument, but in relocating it to such a wonderous surrounding. Thank you for sharing this.




This seems like an awful lot of work. i wonder what started it all and if the people who made it got as much pleasure out of it that they hoped to have. I enjoyed it, however.

A tree was cut down for that.

Great workmanship

Great workmanship

Marvelous! Very intelligent, interesting and original! Congratulations from Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

What a feat of engineering and appreciation of good music. I love that piece. Thank you for showing us this.

Wow! Just wow!

Just beautiful. I never saw something like this. Thanks to those Japanese that made this surprise!!!

It´s fantastic!!! It´s something that only Japanese could do !!!
Tanks for the beautiful moments you offer to us.

Splendid idea, enormous talent & extraordibnaery patience. Loved it...congratulations for the team effort.

amazing well done


where in Kyushu? does it remain?

For me, it is beautiful in that it demonstrates our elemental hunger for a connection to nature to temper all-consuming technology.

Creativity IS. Whether it is for a purely artistic endeavor, a high moral purpose, or a crass commercial one, creativity happens. Let us applaud the avante-garde, joyful spirit that was infused into this offering instead of critiquing motives or methods. Bravo!!

Marvellous! Magical! Magnificent! What a project!

I found pretty beautiful. And to those who suggest it was a waste of time and money remember it is a commercial and we're all watching it and discussing it and now know about a cell phone (whether we like it or not) that we may have never heard of before. So at the minimum as a commercial it was highly successful as you quibble and argue over a Japanese cell phone.

Arigato gozaimashita!

Absolutely brilliant! A detailed work of art.

Pure genius with gigantic aspirations and inspiration!!! Absolutely amazing!

Totally awesome!!!!!


Los japoneses merecen toda mi admiración, por su buen hacer y su constancia. Bss. Pilar.



Incredible like most of what the Japanese accomplish. The word can't do just does not exist in their language.

A wonder and so beautiful in all ways !



Absolutely marvelous!!!

A masterpiece for the ages!

patience, trust in knowledge, ingenuity, brilliant and working together breeds success in all we do

that was truly inspiring and very magical

How very wonderful! creative and a thing of beauty. Thank you to whomever thought of this, and to all those who worked on it. Makes me want a Touch Wood phone, too.....just to support this company.

very cool.

Fantastic. What patience these folks had to have to get every sound precise and to create such a beautiful sound. I'm amazed.

I couldn't take my eyes off it. Very moving. Make music, not war.

WOW! Amazing! I loved it.

WOW ! If all countries spent more time making fun & interesting items like this, instead of guns & weapons & bombs, what a wonderful world this would be. And so very creative & even the animals love it.

The ingenuity of the human mind never ceases to amaze.

I am amazed by such a dedication. That's awesome project and as a musician, I understand how hard is to get everything in tune!
Congratulations to the crew!

This is the most spiritually significant event I have seen in a long, long time. working together to create beauty. Thank you, thank yu, thank you. Wow. Make music, not war. Make beauty all around.

Nice rubato.

All's right with the world!

Any work of beauty, in a setting of beauty is beautiful and uplifting and most welcomed in a world mired in quarrel and unrestrained greed. I may be a little late seeing this for the first time, but I also enjoyed the comments they made me chuckle! Peace to all.

Beautiful, inspiring, and above all, musical in all the sense of the word.

Truely amazing!!! Reminds me of a great project and a bunch of very excited genius kids!! What a work of art__muciscal, woodworking, Physics, human cooperation and joy.

Coolest thing I've seen in years. Genius.

Muito lindo!!! Muito criativo!!! Adorei!!!

Sensacional!!! Incrível!!! Inteligência pura!!! Parabéns!!!

Isn't that interesting and creative. Make sure to let Carol Ahola know about this new music in the forest. Delightful way to have musical notes to work by!!

My Prius was made in Japan, so the beauty and precision of this musical instrument does not surprise me!

That was absolutely beautiful!


Visible and audible genius.

Dear Mr Bogzop, I´m also a musician. What is to be noticed here is the effort, the playfullness and the dedication man can achieve. The song is a standard, wonderful - but the way it´sbeing played is awesome.

I loved the part where the little ball is making its way towards us. Bobbing this way and that making its little sound. Much like a person ambling along in the woods, even skipping along playfully.. Very friendly and spontaneous. The sound was mindful of those dripping water buckets also used in Japan, for fountains? A curious sonorousness. What a charming gift to us.
And oops, I totally missed that it was a commercial. Ha

a remarkable endeavor by creative people.


People will do anything for publicity. Amusing. Too long. And hardly sounded like Bach

Glad their talent, patience and ability are being used for creativity

I am in awe of all the work and talent that came together to make this amazingly beautiful art. Thank you for bringing me a huge smile and filling my soul with such beauty.

I absolutely loved this! How very beautiful in so many respects!!!! Thank you so much, Japanese engineers and crew! You have given me something beautiful to go to whenever I need a shot of strength and peace!!!!

Timings off. Pitch is Ok. Cool attempt though.


what a piece of work is man!


'A little envy there, Bog?

It is great to see the work from friends at DOCOMO! I enjoyed meeting with some of your finest engineers years back and now I see some of the fruits of your labor! Well played

This is fantastic. What a wonderful experience just watching it.
Thank you for all of your effort.
God Bless you.

This is inspiring! Bach, wood and the forest!

Bravo. Delightful.

Excuse me for my ignorance, but as I just can recognice part of the song, the parts I din't know weren't so beautiful. My brain could play the music all the way with the ball, but as I got to an unknown part it was less musical. But even so, I enjoy the performance of that little ball.


Absolutely lovely! Who would even think of this, let alone get it to be so magical?

My one question - - - who paid these folks to come up with this marvel?

wonderful! only the Japanese could do something so good. congratulations

Its fantastic, its awesome

Moved to tears ... water ... essential for life ... and man's desiring ... that so many come together to gather ... what seemed so recently beyond imagining.
Thank you!

EGO! That's all this demonstration is all about considering the cost could have been spent helping unfortunate ones specially children and contribute to making this planet a better place to live in. WASTE OF MONEY ALL IN THE NAME OF ARTISTIC EGO!

"When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him." - Jonathan Swift -Learn to let go, this is art!

Patients is truly a gift. This is awesome. Bless all who helped put it together. Hugs....

This my piano lovely teacher must hear. She will greatly appreciate this version of Bach's beautiful Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring

Enfin ça fait vraiment plaisir de voir de l'énergie créative, positive !

it inspired me!it is music, art and artistry combined to make true beauty- mindblowing! im going to show it to my brothers adn my stepdad> i am a 10 year old girl

A mais importante propriedade do ser humano é a inteligência criativa.
A inteligência deve ser usada, exercitada e transmitida, devendo ser estimulada no processo de educação desde o lar.
Educar respeitando e tendo consideração pelas pessoas, contribuindo para que se aprenda a admirar a criatividade das pessoas, seja numa frase, seja numa poesia ou romance, seja na música, seja na técnica e qualquer outra atividade humana ou produto humano
Parabéns aos criadores do anúncio que surpreende pela inteligência e pelo poder criativo contido em todo o processo de seu desenvolvimento pela equipe de japoneses, desde o idealizador até o executor...

Tem toda a razao.

Beautiful!!! made me happy:)

What a beautiful gift to us all - lovingly and carefully and skillfully made! Thank you! Thank you!

I do not understand Japanese, but I do understand and appreciate Bach! Outstanding accomplishment! Beautiful rendition. Congratulations!

The look of relief on his face at the end, priceless!

I'm sure there were people watching Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel saying, "Why is he putting so much effort into painting a ceiling. What a waste of time!"

This is so true! A very apt analogy.

Incredible....and amazing...

Reminds me of the Honda 'Cog' advert.

Fabulous! May all realize that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. John 3:16

Amazing! What craftmanship!

Brilliant! Good to see ingenuity that doesn't produce technology (even though it is advertising for it and, of course, technology is used in the production).

I admire the patience of those people, who made this possible.

This is brilliant!! How clever are some people to be able to produce this.

Amazing! Appealing!


What a splendid commercial! I agree that this is a truly magical moment! I wonder, being crass as I am, how much it cost to make?

I can't imagine the minds that came up with idea. The engineering is unbelievable and to find others to share in this project is a miracle. Beautiful!

I wish Bach could have seen and heard it!

pretty cool, but that little ball reminded me of a kid forced to take piano lessons. LOL

That was amazing! I hope they sell a lot of those phones to pay for the work that went into making the advertisement!

Ho hum.......... interesting but BORRRRRRING.

It's a marimba. Marimbas are traditionally made of wood and xylophones out of metal. Interesting to see behond the scenes, but I'm disappointed that I didn't get to hear the "performance."


I think this is genius and what fun it must have been to put this together; what a joy to watch and listen to!

The unjudged joy of beauty and creation with the natural implicit and the possibility realised. More, please!

How Bach would have loved seeing and hearing that if he were alive today

what a wonderful masterpiece this is! So awesome and I love it!

totally fantastic!!

Truly an AMAZING production from start to finish. Wonder how many people will truly APPRECIATE all of the details and time and effort it took to produce this BEAUTIFUL piece of art that rest of us are able to enjoy over and over again. THANK YOU to all involved for sharing the end product for everyone else to admire and appreciate. It was truly a labor of love!!!

Magnificent, ingenious ! What a work of art !!

What a beautiful, inspired project. Amazing concept and feat of engineering, sense of place ...all for a commercial product. Fun to create and film, I imagine, for all those concerned. I hope the product is successful, or more importantly, I hope the artists go on to have successful art carers. Thank you!

I love this demonstration of music, talent, woodworking skills, math, engineering, friendships that forma and the technical skills needed to make this lovely video. Thank you for all of your talents. A job well done.

An amazing achievement. Congratulations. I would enjoy hearing the result.

What a fantastic engineering feat!! I found this thoroughly captivating. The joy for me was hearing this unique way of expression of music in a natural setting with natural sounds. I specifically chose not to judge its merits as an ad, the time and money spent, etc., etc. but as a unique artistic expression. Let any negativity reside in the board room when discussing the entire project. On the bright side any one watching and listening will not forget the ad, which was its purpose in the first place.

Incredibly clever and very interesting and even a bit addict able. I really love it.

It's a work of art! Such patience and talent!

... and THEY lost the war??!!

AWhen I ever imagine that the human race is doomed, I happen upon something that says, "But No........!"

Yes, I agree.

Do you think Bach ever could've imagined his music would still be heard so many years later? Do you think that he could've imagined a piece of his would be so recognizable that such a feat as this could or would occur? Do you think he could've imagined it might be played in such a way? What do we imagine about our legacy as many years into the future?

Thank you for making this!

How many hours did it take to construct in the shop? How many hours to set up in the woods? How many total feet is it? How many seconds did it take the ball to reach the end? How m\any engineer and technicians worked on this in the shop and then in the field. What was the cost to produce this commercial?

Add your own questions.




bach wood instrument...quality control and perseverance is the solution to many problems of society.its fantastic . THE FILMING ALONE WAS A LABOR OF LOVE. converting nature creation into human creation is a feat. The smithsonian would be proud to make space for the bach wood instrument...???

I am blown away by this. brilliant minds create a better world.

Absolutly fabiously

Incredible work by all involved here. It's phenomenal to think of what it took to do this. Congratulations on a job well done.


the joy of creation and BEing evident in the process of their work.

funny, though a lot of work for a small result. but: man, keep op playing on this planet!

Mahalo (thank you) for the most enlightening musical treat, that touched all my senses.... you all did an awesome job... can't wait to buy the phone now... just because of this commercial... hope they sell it in America soon.. Aloha!

Whoever thought this up is a genius. the and effort must have staggering. Fantisimo!

I so agree with Kathy Johnson. Considering the time, money and effort that went into this project and the end result, I would have been so much more impressed if it had all gone to cleaning the beaches after the tsunami or hauling out the monetary and hourly equivalent of ocean gyre debris in Japan. However, this is my opinion. To each his own.

Only the Japanese can think of this


this is awesome


simply a marvel. Patience and engineering combined to make something beautiful.

Impressive and touching! As long as there are people who spend their time to produce something like this, I see hope! for human BEINGS.

WOW....Leave it to the Japanese....just genius....

Absolutely wonderful, but somebody has too much time on their hands.

What are they talking about? "Bach's treatment of a traditional church hymn! Namely, "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring." Bach WROTE the melody, he didn't do some arrangement of it. Bach's treatment? Nonsense.

As for the big wooden xylophone, it's cute, but frivolous. Go hear the music played on a big pipe organ. THAT's impressive!

The Japanese people are very inventive and also very special.

Brilliant! One correction to your text, 'Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring' was written by Bach. It is.not his treatment of a traditional hymn, it is one of his greatest and best loved works.

The reason for making this, ie. the commercial, is immaterial. The sheer ingenuity, creativity, and ability is mind blowing. This just shows the possibility of man's creative capability to produce something for which there is no practical use apart from the pleasure derived from it. Many thanks to the team for giving us this few moments of pleasure.

very impressive. Just wist the sounde were a little deeper. Such beautitful music.
It looked like this took a lot of planning and people hours.

Amazing! Wish we did that kind of thing in the USA!

Brilliant! Thank God there are still people in this world who treasure the important things in life. Thank you so much.

The beauty I'd the earth, joined with human creativity.

My canary loved it and sang along!

Amazing. Was it disassembled after the shoot was finished?


I would love to have this instrument descending the hill behind our house. I can imagine designing a simple delivery system to return the ball to the top, so it could play this haunting Bach melody over and over again.


Beauty all around. Something so basic as wood can make such a huge impact when implemented with creativity. Thank you for your dedication, time and talent!

peaceful sound, calming. A person in our neighborhood burns the very best scented wood every night. The air is wonderful each warm evening. Just to combine nightly would be priceless. Enjoy the peace and scents of the best wood. Then add the sounds of sweetness. Life is short. Surround our senses with beautiful odors and sounds and uncalled for drama. Thank you Good Lord for nature.

How much did it cost? It kept several workers occupied for some time, I am sure.

amazing; patience; creative; nuff said.

Phenomenal achievement! Perfect example of perseverance, ingenuity and collective work. Congratulations!!


Truly an extraordinary display of God's blessings to Humanity. He has blessed us with the ability to think and create, and hearts yearning to share our creative gifts and bless others with them. I thank God, in Yeshua's name, for creating us in His image. And certainly for the forrests filled with trees and sky...

What a gift to us. Creative, inspiring, beautiful. I want to start every morning with this wonder. Thank you. Lowell

Mr. Bach has been my favorite composer of all time and I'm sure that wherever he is now he's is in awe of what has been done here, truly magical. It's a shame that there are those don't appreciate the fact that music can be brought to us in many ways, by many people, by many devices, instruments, etc. as a result of talent and hard work. I loved the quiet wonder of this, a real,masterpiece.

Stunning ! I particularly like the ' off key human touch wood-ear ' result.

Loved it!!!! Very entertaining and inventive. Naysayers, get a grip and enjoy it for the creatativity.


What a wasting of woods, shame!

This is marvellously absurd in the best way that it can and should be. Only humans spend so incredibly much energy producing something totally irrelevant, and that's just who we are. I'm all for it, but sometimes I wish we had turned out differently.

Waste of time&money. Please get a life!

How cleaver, so amazing, simply beautiful.

Inspirational! Community creativity and remarkable imagination.

This is a joy to watch and listen, The forest setting is beautiful, and the expressions on the faces of the engineers is wonderful.

As a musician, woodworker and mathematician with a physics background I can appreciate this on many levels. It is a wonderful integration of the three with nature and the human spirit in a creative endeavor requiring cooperation among many people. What is not to like here? Advertising? Consumption of a natural resource? Intrusion into a forest? This is the world in which we live. One can easily find something to complain about in any human activity. I find it more rewarding to seek something to enjoy whenever possible.

Very clever, a hugh amount of work and engineering plus manpower and money involved.
BUT, was it all worth it in the end. A few notes were definately off key.

Nice....very CREATIVE. i THOROUGHLY ENJOY IT. TO BOGZOP I feel sad for you. You sound so full of yourself that you cannot appreciate anything from another source.

Not only is this an amazing feat but it sounds wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing~

this is amazing! the talent here , the time , who knows how long? I
would love to see it.

science, art and impeccable execution...wonderful.

Thank you so much for sharing this. It's... timeless!


this is totally awesome...

Amazingly creative and delightful to watch! This is an ingenious tribute, not only to the individuals who conceived of this idea, but also to the whole group who cooperated in its successful completion!

Absolutely fascinating, Guys! Congats (from "Down Under") on a wonderful achievement!

Thank you so much for this video , unbelievable! Incredible job!

this is amazing!


Leave it to the Japanese. That was wonderful!

Truly delightful! However, I don't think it can compete with the natural sounds of the forest.

very pleasing to the soul thank you

How beautiful it is to see this creation and all the amazingly sensitive people who are so far away from here (Canada) physically but so connected to us through spirit, energy and humanity. Thank you (even if it was for an ad, at least it has spirit)

Very cool!

This was unbeleivably interesting, newver seen some thing so unusualy great.Loved it

Truly Japanese. As a world traveler for 43 yrs. I can say this would develop in the country of Japan and nowhere else. Amen


WOW, Genius, there's no end to the fun and creativity of the human mind. Bach would have got a kick out of this especially if he was a fun and crazy kinda guy!!

Marvellous, simply Marvellous. 3-4 flat spots, but they can be fixed easily. To conceive this, then to make it to reality, is truly creative. My heartiest congratulations to all of you. And, you could not have selected a more enduring piece of music.

What a magical mystical work of art!

Wonderful.... enjoyed this.

How absolutely incredible - and beautiful. Have to wonder what possessed these men to even take on such an elaborate
job. Kudos!!!


Amazing! Masterfully constructed.

This is outstanding. I watched this with my four year old
granddaughter and we were both fascinated. Such genius!

I don't think that the most amazing thing is the final run... The impressive is the organization, dedication, team work, effort, precision, etc...

Like STAR TREK quote "is is not the destination, it's the journey that counts!"

For us to see it takes 3 minutes of joy! For them to build a many days or snow, cold, rain, etc... Their pleasure when succeeded was much bigger. After visiting Japan for 5 weeks I can understand them better.

Just magical....

I am self taught to play an Aoleian-Skinner Pipe Organ, and was amazed at the time it took Me to learn all the keyboard and stop's basic's alone. This version of a classic put together by a totally different means of instrumentation remind's me of the many different arangement of pipes on the grand Church organ I had to manipulate and trim to get the sound I desired I wanted to achieve by re-aranging many large and small pipe's to match the tonal qualities I was looking for. I have achieved about 80% of the desired sound quality I have been looking for, and am still working to achieve the other 20%. Touch Wood is to be considered a masterpiece! I'm sure with a bit more time and work, they will have mastered a new way to produce the un-usual sound of Music to the delight of many others. I wish them well. C. Lund.

Exquisite in all.

It's charming. back in the early 60's I drove up to a friend's house. He lived alone by a lake that was surrounded by all sorts of fauna, cattails, ferns and so on. A very isolated spot. As I left my car It was totally quiet; nothing was stirring. Then from out of the vegetation by the lake, I heard the most beautiful flute music. It was my friend ad libbing some kind of flowing, artful tune and the whole scene, nature and music combined in a transcendent moment. The organic sounds of the giant xylophone in the forest took me back to that unforgettable time in my past. It wasn't intrusive, it was relaxing. Above all, the whole idea was original in concept and creation. Bravo and thank you. My highest compliments to the originators.


Amazing! Beautiful! Almost unbelievable!

Amazing passionate and ingenious makers of modern art!

Totally beautiful and amazing... A lot of skill but mostly patience.

Absolutely amazing!


I thought that was wonderful. We could use that music in our National Parks in Australia as they got rid of all the native birds and animals - now it is the wild horses.

Awesome dudes!!!!



thank you for placing our Supreme Being inextricably entwined in Nature, as He truly is.

A clever, inventive commercial prompts such vitriol. Fascinating. It
a lot of people need something to do.

WOW!! Breathtaking! Brilliant! Bravissimi!


This is music to my ears.
Thank you

This is fantastic and it reminds me of a great musician that went to Japan to teach music. May God Bless you All.

Who taught those little wooden balls to make music and couldn't they have chosen something more hip. Perhaps a Grateful Dead song.

There's so much that I like about this. Bach, the quintessential European aesthetic being played in the most primordial way possible, by the force of gravity in the deep forest. The patience, intelligence, exquisiteness and, indeed, gentle humor of the piece is both charming and magnificent in an understated fashion. The Japanese genius at work. Well done!

Just smashing, so much work involved with so much talents put in.. just fantastic..
the music .. great with the background of water... superb superb... thanks.
I love it...

No other word than FANTASTIC

Well done to all who were involved

What a pleasure, the technology to this is just beyond anything that I can think of. The scream in the background and the pleasantness of the COM. Spectacular

Love it. By the way, the music is not, "Bach's treatment of a traditional church hymn! Namely, "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring.". Bach wrote it. For those of you who are concerned about the amount of wood used; how much wood is used to build guitars, violins, violas, cellos, base violins, harps, oboes, bassoons, clarinets, ukuleles, recorders, and pianos, (have I missed any?)? I hope you don't have a problem with that use of wood.

Wow! Amazing....this piano teacher who has taught this great hymn both to choirs as well as budding pianists is extremely blessed by this!

OMG! My eye make-up is ruined for the day! i so wish that Mrs. Marinello, the teacher who led the Madrigal Society at New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn - in the mid '50s - were still Earth Bound and could hear this. Humans are an amazing species.

Bach would be overcome with JOY.

This was as good as it gets. Many thanks. What creativity.

gostaria de compartilhar no meu facebook

Amazing, wow



I thoroughly enjoyed the concept and the engineering behind the scenes, would love to have that job.

Amazing !

It is wonderful. Thankyou

It should have been done with computer animation instead of requiring all the craftmen skills and the material used to create this elaborate commercial.
Anyway it was beautifully crafted.

Quite amazing. The mention of Kyushu reminded me that our attacks upon Kyushu in 1945 were more fiercely opposed than those upon Tokyo.


Interesting perhaps it could play suki yaki !