This evening’s instrumental comes to you courtesy of Jad Abrumad via Radiolab’s blog:

“…on our last tour (Symmetry), Zoe would often play this piece, Optimist, which she wrote for her son Alex when he was negative four months old. Every time, the audience fell into a trance. Those are the moments from the tour I really remember, getting to sit quietly on stage and watch the audience watch Zoe.”

It’s hypnotizing and makes for a nice break in the day.

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It makes me want to get up and move with another dancer.

How interesting! I find myself want to draw inward and reflect. Only music can do such wonderful things to such varying degrees!

How beautiful...the simple three note repeating in varying forms, tones, pace...Immediately thought of the nursery rhyme "Three-Blind-Mice" .  Thank you

Now I'm going to have to listen with this tune in mind...

My cat freaked out listening to it!

I feek it pulsing my body and sending me into a star-rhythm, a powerful and positive life-force and soul-force.

A delightful way to spend my midday break.  Thank you.