Dr. Simmons and Rev. Johnson Talk Civil Rights and Nonviolence Living Forward Today (Video)

Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 1:51pm

Dr. Simmons and Rev. Johnson Talk Civil Rights and Nonviolence Living Forward Today (Video)

As a year of civil rights milestones draws to a close, The Civil Conversations Project explores the movement's relevance for our time, including the competing philosophies it carried about how social change happens. Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons was an original Black Power feminist and a leader of the Mississippi Freedom Summer of 1964. Now a professor at the University of Florida and a Sufi Muslim, her perspective has evolved over 50 years. Rev. Lucas Johnson is a young, 21st century embodiment of nonviolent resistance. He is a leader within the historic Fellowship of Reconciliation, working with young African-Americans, and with people from Congo to Palestine, to apply this mode of social change to hard, contemporary realities. Krista Tippett will lead them in a cross-generational conversation, mining their wisdom for our time.

Thursday, December 12, 2013 (7-9 pm ET)

NPR Studio 1
1111 North Capitol St, NE Washington, DC 20002


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Hello. I was introduced to Krista's work by a fellow Okie who lives in Minneapolis. I'm in Canada and finding Krista and her wonderful ability to bring fresh, off mainstream topics and fabulous people onto her show feeds my mind and soul now on a regular basis. Thanks everyone! I'm a real On Being "groupie"! I just wish I could make even more time than I do to sit and take in the podcasts that I've missed from before I knew of Krista..

From New Zealand: We won't stop working for a peace with justice! Stay strong and show that nonviolence is the wave of the future. Let us all be CITIZENS OF THE WHOLE WORLD. - Peace IS THE WAY! Thanks for the program and your vision of a world that shares and loves day by day.

My grandmother in her last efforts to try to keep me from going there says "If you leave don't ever come back". So on that note, I leave.

Dr. Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons tells an amazing story of how great things did happen.

Just help each other. It's that easy. Treat our planet with mercy. PAX VOBISCUM!

Amazing, rich discussion -- thank you for doing this. A true service to a society that so often just gets the "I Have a Dream" super-oversimplification this time of year.