Five Ages Dancing: Remembering Sage Cowles

Monday, December 16, 2013 - 9:07am

Five Ages Dancing: Remembering Sage Cowles

The people in our lives who have the greatest impact are often some of the quietest souls. We walk in their footsteps without even knowing they left a print in the snow.

Sage Cowles, the mother of our board member Jay, was one of those people. She passed away recently, but she leaves behind a memory that will endure — movement being part of her legacy. Sage is the elder woman in "Five Ages Dancing." In the video, dancers aged 85, 65, 45, 25, and 5 perform the same sequence. As Krista said to me after watching it, "I find it stunning and moving in ways I can't explain."


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Trent Gilliss

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This is truly lovely. Sharing with 'The Art of Aging' on FB. Thank you.

Ahhhh Marylee, so moving (in all ways) and such a gorgeous remembrance of our dear dear Sage and we all live and move within each other, beyond time and in time. xxxx

We truly are all connected.

Sage supported Marylee Hardenbergh, who choreographed this piece and so many other visionary choreographers. This is one extraordinary example of the contributions Sage made to our lives and the power of movement and dance across generations.

Great post. Now a days people making their life stressful with their busy schedule. It is always better to schedule some time for yourself to get relaxing from the busy busy schedules. Distress yourself by spending some time with family friends or nature. And get proper diet and enough sleep.
Loved the reminder about simple things we can do each day. I laugh daily, and "prescribe" a good healthy dose to everyone! Happy Holidays! Thanks for sharing this!
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