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Go to the woods of Kyushu, Japan. Engineer a massive xylophone (or is it a marimba?) to run down the slope of a forested hill. Take a wooden ball, place it at the top of said instrument, and push it. What do you get? Bach's treatment of a traditional church hymn! Namely, "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring."

And, all this for a Japanese commercial for a kidney-shaped smartphone with the tagline, "Touch Wood." I may be late to the party on this one, but when I think of all the time it took to set this up, the precision and measurements used to adjust it and actually make each piece, and how many takes the film crew shot, it continues to inspire even if it's a year old.

And, here you can see how it was made:

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This is absolute amazing...never saw anything like it before! This song was played for our wedding after we were announced "husband and wife".

Really fantastic - well done all

Great analogy for life. You start at the top and arrive at death, but not without producing some music along the way (if you're lucky).

Magic clarity in the woods....such patience and dedication to perfection! Well done!

Brilliant - Work out world peace now!

It is a marimba, marimbas are have bars made of wood. A xylophone has bars made of metal.

The above is common terminology. But "Xylos" is Greek for "Wood", so an actual xylophone --at least in it's original form-- is by definition made out of wood.

wow beautiful... thanks gracias!

I have cancer…some day it will get me, but for now when I see and hear something like this It restores my faith in the human race and lets me know God wants me to continue to fight so I can see and hear more. Everyday is a blessing

God is awesome.

Just wonderfull ! Great job ! The best !

I agree with BOGZOP. It's cute, it's clever, but it's not art and it doesn't enhance the natural beauty of the surrounding woods. When you think of the endless hours that went into constructing this, those hours might have been better spent listening to actual Bach or learning to play his music. And I do think the deer ran away.

Haiku: "A touch of wooden - musical magic in a - Japanese forest"

What a complete waste of resources


It's wonderfull!!!

This is a true tribute to the soul of mankind! I now to the creators! Thank you!

absolutely awesome well done guys

It never ceases to amaze me in what people can do and will do.

It also never ceases to amaze me that so many people in the world use their wonderful brain to murder each other over nothing.

What a waste of energy and trees. Clean up Fukushima!!

All I need to know is this: IT MADE ME SMILE!

Since there are no resonators, it would be a xylophone.

Magical film. Love the wonderful performance. Thank you. Love Bachs hymn in German Ode. Great !

What I find hard to believe is that they actually built this. If this was for a commercial, why not just CGI it? Build a few real pieces, get some video and audio to guide the creation of the final product, make it look as if it was all built. Novel idea, pretty setting, but the end product is not worth the effort.

I think this is altogether wonderful. The time, effort and dedication that went into perfecting it deserves high praise. To those who say they should have used their time to learn to play music. Do you really think they could tune this without musical ability?

Loved it Ted. I do some woodworking so it was of special interest to me. It is a marimba because the keys are made of wood. Thanks, Ted. Phil Rentsch

I started to scroll to read a few comments and was soon flabbergasted by a couple of the responses. This is and amazing engineering feat and, while man is capable of this art, I will have faith. Very sad that so many of you are so far captured by cynicism that you are unable to appreciate this wonderful piece of work........

All I can say is WOW,WOW! that is amazing. I would to have the phone. The Japanese coulture is to die for.

A wonder... very Japanese. I married in Japan, many years ago. They are a beautiful

"SUPER" I'll send this to all my musical friends! THANK YOU

Phone looks only good for right handers!

Totemo kirei desu yo! Wow what a beautiful thing to have done.

Just a small footnote, but Bach is German for "brook" so the setting is particularly apt.

pointless and a waste of lumber. No new ideas were explored, no advancements in any art were made.
Costly too.

Il faut une patience de Japonais pour parvenir à un tel résultat. Étonnant!!!

In a culture that honors expertise and beauty and history, this is another example of their values.


Wow! This was really interesting and beautiful!


Oh my God, I do appreciate their precise work of art and the time they spent but also they can develop something useful to public with their talent. Their patience and will to do anything can be very beneficial to others. I do appreciate their work because I do understand the time and effort and their soul in it to succeed the project but some may think waste of material, time, and effort. However, they can do this means their are blessed and should be happy to be able to do it. I thank God for them.

monumental waste of wood. think of all the phone books you could have made with that.

Thanks, I circulated this. demonstrates the human spirit, several parts of it, anyway

This is great these people are genius's can you imagine the patience this took. Who could have ever thought of something like this to start. You can not say enough of there talent ,some people have Gods gift they have it for sure.

This is just a Masterpiece! It's wonderful, the time to do all of that.. Thanks for sharing!


this is amazing