Supporters of same sex marriage demonstrate in Albany, New YorkNew York State Senator Roy McDonald

The Republican politician said this statement to reporters about his decision to support same-sex marriage legislation. McDonald was the 31st senator to support the Marriage Equality Act. McDonald is a Vietnam veteran and former steelworker. As a politician, he’s put his energy behind autism awareness and property tax cuts. Now he’s being heralded as a champion for civil rights.

About the image: Roger Minch Jr. of Troy, New York, the district that Roy McDonald represents, demonstrates his support of same sex marriage outside the New York Senate Chamber on June 17, 2011 in Albany, New York. Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

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Bravo and Thank You!  He made a big difference and continues to do so.  We need more folks like him. 

The Three unkindest words in the english language: I Don't Care!  IMO

Good for him. We need more political leaders who truly lead, who rise above partisan posturing and take stands that rise from their honest values and beliefs. It's not that long ago that one could argue in a public forum that neither women nor blacks were entitled to full civil rights, and it's men like Senator McDonald who helped change that. 

Thank you for your awareness of the human condition and all the issues confronting people, and for recognizing that government is  "of the people, by the people and for the people". Bravo!

Years ago I worked with adults with Developmental Disabilties. During a conversation with one person who was having difficulty mangaing their behavior, I said, "If it's hard then you know you are doing to right thing. The wrong thing is always easy." Over the years I said that a thousand times to students,to my own kids,to myself. Mr. McDonald realized this and he did the right thing. Hatred grows quickly because its easy to fuel. Compassion  grows slowly , but with strength when its tended to. Hate is the weed . Compassion is the tree that bears fruit year after year. Thank you for being wise enough and brave enough to recognize the need to act.