Harvey Cox, Jr. — Beyond the Atheism-Religion Divide
October 18, 2007

In 1965, a young Harvard professor became the best-selling voice of secularism in America with his book The Secular City. He sees the old thinking in the "new atheism" of figures like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. The either/or debates between religion and atheism, he says, obscure the truly interesting interplay between faith and other forms of knowledge that is unfolding today.

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The Market as God

Harvey Cox notes that, of all of his writings, this commentary in the March 1999 issue of The Atlantic yielded the most letters and publicity.

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Glenn Greewald's calling out of Sam Harris' speech as anti-Muslim rhetoric sparked quite a debate. Is Mr. Harris a new form of atheism an old form of colonialism?

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beyond the atheist and religion divide by Harvey cox , in 1965 Harvey cox wrote the book the secular city, which is about talking about new atheism in our world today. in this Harvey talks about the fact that no matter if your muslum , or Christian or atheist you do have a belief in something. god or not. and to this I agree , and I also believe that we as Christians should look at the example of Christ instead of other Christians . we should act out of grace. instead of craming jesus down other peoples throat, we should accept them and not judge them so harshly, and humbly give our testimony

i do have a little bit of a problem with this though. that is that jesus didnt care what religion you were of he at least tried to convert the non believer. but we as his fallowers today dont even try. this is very frusterating for me.

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