“Experience has shown and a true philosophy will always show, that a vast, perhaps the larger portion of truth, arises from the seemingly irrelevant.”

Edgar Allen Poe from Tales of Ratiocination and Illusion

Photo by William Warby. (distributed with instagram)


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Mystic philosophy should persue omniscience through nonattachment rather than withdrawal? This may be good advice for the mystic philosopher, more than others.

Sylvia just reminded me that everyone of these little creatures is just a wee bit different from the others. They too are individuals, with individual lives. An important idea to remember when someone (not me anymore!) sits down to eat a slice of an orange roughy who had a life expectancy of 100-200 years. As a non-vegetarian, thus far anyway, my options are slimming! But thanks to Syliva and On Being from reminding me of my connection to the web of all these individual living beings.

thats a weird but amazing creature