Photo by Pedro Figueiredo/Flickr, cc by-nc-nd 2.0

Moving beyond the debate of whether Facebook or other Internet use causes depression, researchers at Missouri University Institute of Science and Technology found that students who show signs of depression clearly have different patterns of Internet use. These students are more likely to share large files, send email, and chat online. Also, they are more likely to switch from application to application in a random manner, which is thought to reflect a difficulty with concentrating, and is one marker of depression.

Researchers hope this data can be used someday to help diagnose mental disorders by unobtrusively monitoring and analyzing the Internet behavior of a wider population. It may even alert the user when their usage starts to reflect a depressive pattern.

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Great for psycho pharm. Companies can beat them down with ads for drugs. should really help to dumb down more Americans by drugging them into more apathy. But, there is money to be made and coups to be finished.

good for doc to diagnose with recent criteria of new world with internet.

Does this raise red flags for anyone? Brave new world tek sifts our internet HISTORY, MAKING JUDGEMENTS ABT OUR MENTAL HEALTH BASED ON HOW WE USE IT. WAT NEXT?

I am missing something in this brief explanation about depression and use of the Internet. Does this mean that students who are not depressed send smaller files, are less likely to email and chat online? I understand the difficulty with concentrating but the previous sentence needs more explanation. Thanks.