Next week we release our show with Bobby McFerrin for Father's Day. I guarantee you'll want to download it. It's a magical, somewhat unexpected conversation. One of the ideas he and Krista dig into is the importance of improvisation — and how he finds great meaning in the mystery of the moment, even embracing the fear of unexpectedness.

This duet with Esperanza (yeah, we're on a first-name basis) is out of this world. Take a few minutes to pay witness and enjoy.

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I'd like to suggest  the Guf's "Leave This Life" for one of your Tuesday Evening sings.

Magical and fun thanks for the Tuesday evening note


wow! Love it!

Absolute genius. Watch the reaction of the seasoned muso's in the background. They are impressed big time!

I like the idea of happiness being an indsie job . I have had many circumstances, especially recently that have stole the smile from my heart. I have strategies that bring it back but this is serious like the extra pounds, those old strategies do not seem to be working too well. So I am open to hear some new ideas that will help me experience more joy even if the negative circumstances do not disappear.