Do I wish this man was still with us! There’s no singer quite like him. The crowd just swoons at his rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and one can’t help but feel a bit patriotic after hearing this.

Happy Memorial Day to all.

(A heartfelt hat tip to thecarolynblog for this gem.)

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That is a love song to America. Thanks for this post.

Thank you, thank you for posting that. I would hesitate to guess how many times I've heard our National Anthem in my nearly 65 years on planet. I've heard it done well, I've heard it done poorly, I've heard it done in situations that put a lump in my throat, but I've NEVER heard it done with this much absolute, soul-stirring love. There was no over-the-top profiling, just sincere, beautiful emotion. Long may it wave.

I think it was criminal how they hid this rendition of The Star Spangled Banner away from the public for over twenty years. I was watching this game and remember how I felt. For the first time I felt proud to be an American. His rendition of The Star Spangled Banner spoke to me. It was awesome. I was only fifteen at the time but I remember how it made me feel- truly American and accepted.