'Bob Dylan, Rossilli Bay' by Peter RossPainting of ‘Bob Dylan, Rossilli’ by Peter Ross. (photo: Martin Beek/Flickr, cc by-nc-nd 2.0)

The BBC has released Blowing in the Wind: Dylan's Spiritual Journey in celebration of the singer/songwriter's 70th birthday. The radio documentary traces Dylan's path from a Jewish boy bar mitzvahed in Minnesota through and beyond his conversion to evangelical Christianity in the late 1970s. Even if you're not a die-hard Dylan fan, it's well worth 30 minutes of your listening time.

The panoply of voices includes Bishop Nick Baines. A long-time Dylan fan, Baines likens the musician to a modern-day Old Testament prophet, someone who uses poetry to speak truth to power:

"He questions why it is the good people who get it right who end up strung up. … If you go back to the Hebrew scriptures that he grew up with, they're riddled with these complaints, laments, and this question: "Why do the wicked prosper?" But he comes from a tradition that does that. The Jewish community is very good at questions and Dylan gets it.

Bishop Baines and others point out that religious allusions and imagery are recurring in Dylan&'s cannon. "Bob Dylan is very much drawing on ancient texts and integrating them into contemporary concerns" says author Seth Rogovy. Selected lyrics from "Blowing in the Wind" such as "How many times must a man look up before he can see the sky?" echo specific passages from Isaiah and Ezekiel, says Rogovy.

Dylan's musical and spiritual path have led him to explore Jerusalem’s Old City and the baptismal waters of Malibu. For Bishop Baines, the theological thread unifying Dylan's life and work is his ongoing creative wrestling with the human condition:

"He's constantly looking at human experience and his experience and the way the world is against this backdrop of God and his understanding of the scriptures. And my guess is if he lives to 100 he still will be doing the same thing. … What Dylan gets is the fact that spirituality isn't divorced from reality. So Dylan moves through loneliness, love, sex, God, meaning, all of that. It's all in there."

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He is an original poet born of ancient traditions and it doesn't matter who he is.  The universe is speaking through him.