Sketchnotes on Vincent Harding Interviewng+Enlarge image

Vincent Harding's hard-won wisdoms and truths are not easily distilled. They are so many. Editing our interview bore this out. So I didn't envy illustrator Doug Neill's task of encapsulating the many big ideas and poignant stories the civil rights veteran shared with Krista in our show.

But capture them he did. He picks up on the hard work of building the "beloved community" brick by brick, the sharing of stories of our elders, darkness as the milieu of light, and how a new majority is forming out of the many-splendored composition of our nation's minorities.

Listen in. Comment here and tell us what take-away phrases and ideas you might have added to the graphic record. And, please, continue to share your feedback about this medium and if you find it a gateway to the podcast.

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I am so inspired by this...and inspired to do my own! Brilliant sketch and well thought out; my favorite part is the "persistence in a sound-bite society". This is my first time encountering that kind of description of society and I have to say I couldn't agree more!