Yesterday’s final launch of the space shuttle Endeavour was captured from many angles, but this shot from Stefanie Gordon from a commercial jet has captured the imaginations of hundreds of thousands of people. This perspective also makes me marvel at how well the traffic in our skies is managed.

And, if you don’t have an iPhone, you just may be able to justify purchasing one now (just in case).

[h/t skibinskipedia]

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Holy smokes. What a ride!

Her name is Endeavour - with a "u" - named after 18th Century British explorer Capt Cook's ship.  A name chosen by US school kids. 
What a beautiful picture!
Bill Barry
NASA Chief Historian

Bill, thank you for the correction and of course I spell it correctly in every other place, including our radio script, but not in the actual post. Oy. I didn't know that school children named the shuttle though. What a beautiful sentiment. 

Trent, I really don't troll the web to enforce NASA name standards - just thought the story behind the spelling would be of interest.  If you are curious about the naming story (or any other Endeavour factoids) go to:  Love the show - keep up the great work. 

*grin* Bill, I greatly appreciate the correction and the additional information. Plus, we're honored that a NASA historian visits our blog and listens to our program. The first space shuttle launch is one of my fondest memories from sixth grade and getting my prediction published on PBS. Yes, I thought shuttles were going to become like mass transit buses!