Bobby McFerrin Stretching Prior to InterviewMusic legend Bobby McFerrin relaxes before his interview with Krista Tippett in an Orchestra Hall rehearsal room in downtown Minneapolis. (photo: Trent Gilliss)

Producing for this public radio program definitely has its memory perks, indelible moments that make one pause and smile, or contemplate and squint. This photo is one of those sacred moments for me, ten seconds or so in which I witnessed an artist prepare in his own way for another interview.

Just after Bobby McFerrin sat down — right before he ran back to his dressing room to fetch Krista some fresh-baked ginger snaps — he began stretching in the most relaxed and expansive way, fully aware of his breathing and his body. His movement was more of a pose, really, with a glacial, measured pace of extension. Ample in its nature, lacking nervousness. The nature of it gracious and enduring, with intention.

This is as good as it gets.

By the way, the man is 61 years old. I gotta start improvising more.

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wonderful and glorious photo, I love On Being and Bobby McFerrin so I know that I have an incredible podcast to hear soon. Thanks ofr the post!

Yes! And to be a fly on the wall at that could watch the sparks fly between these two, I'm sure!

I can tell you've been taking yoga, Krista. Your description of Bobby's movement sounds like a veteran yoga teacher talking a student through a new pose. You're last three sentences above are beautifully written, and the phrasing has the same measured pace you are witnessing in Bobby's stretching. Beautiful.

Thanks, Mary. Although Krista didn't write this particular post, I'll take the compliment. I've never taken yoga, but I sure have read a lot about it. *grin*

Oops! I wasn't very observant to not notice your byline at the top of the article, Trent. Sorry about that. ( Also, I need to proofread! Pretty embarrassing to write a comment and now see that I wrote the wrong form of "your" at the beginning of the third sentence. Yikes!) Anyway, my compliments (again) on a beautifully written piece!

That's wonderful! Is it possible to listen to the interview at this late date? I 'lost' the link somehow ......

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I love Bobby McFerrin but I was not able to listen to him live.