Well, we may as well add to the deluge of posts about the royal wedding with a prenuptial video from the Archbishop of Canterbury, who presided over Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding ceremony today. In this Lambeth Palace production, Rowan Williams shares his optimism in knowing that a young couple are still willing to commit to one another and discover each another during these modern times in a fast-paced world:

“Here are young people sending a message of hopefulness, sending a message of generosity across the world. And, it’s my privilege to bless that in the name of God, to witness that in the name of God, and to send them on their way.”

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Thank you for this link-it is the only coverage of the wedding that I have seen so far.So, as an introduction to the event, as I will no doubt see some coverage in the days ahead, it is special to have this as the basis.

This is -by a long way - the best thing that I've seen and heard about the Royal wedding.

Given the grossly intrusive press coverage of their private lives, it is astounding that celebrities/royals even date, let alone marry.

There has been no reason for royalty for over 300 years, but if he's saying every wedding is a royal wedding then I agree with him.

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Hopefully they will bring much needed respect back to the Royals.