Musician, conductor, composer Bobby McFerrin seems to have achieved two disparate levels of fame or infamy depending on who you ask.

Bobby McFerrin

One group of audiophiles I know marvel at his four-octave vocal range, improvisational skills, and musicianship, especially his conducting work with the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and collaborations with cellist Yo-Yo Ma and jazz great Chick Corea. Another group remembers his popular culture contributions: that billboard-topping hit “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” or the The Cosby Show season 4 opener, and may recall those 10 Grammy awards he has accepted over the years.

When we saw Bobby “hacking your brain” with the pentatonic scale and taking an interest in neuroscience, we knew that he was after some of the same questions On Being loves to explore.

We hope you enjoy this live Web stream of his interview with Krista Tippett in the rehearsal room of Orchestra Hall just before his solo performance in Minneapolis.

Photo by Carol Friedman.

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I missed it by a mere twelve hours. Please tell me it will be rebroadcast ...

Thank you for this interview! I've loved this man's music for years, and I was touched on so many different levels by the ideas and messages brought forth in this exchange!!

Yes I totally  agree with Mary McG
Great interview. Good questions that offer Bobby a nice stage to put his words on
I particularly like what is said around 38/39 min and at the at 1:10 and what follows J

I hope, that I will remember his words as often as I can: Just be patient and kind, and if that seems to  be difficult: sing......