Hot Bath in Japan

If there’s one thing the Japanese have mastered, it’s the art of fire and bathing. And these two men do not disappoint. Yasuyoshi Chiba’s triumphant photo of two men bathing in this makeshift ofuro captures the passion of this long-standing tradition. Even if Kesennuma city is in ruins, taking a hot tubby is not only making the best out of a difficult situation, it’s necessary to the human spirit!

(h/t Front Pages for doing what they do and the WSJ.)

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That is fantastic, wonderful and inspiring!

Life is full horrors, but it must be lived. Inspiring.

a picture of life well lived!

That is a photo that speaks of hope and of the human capacity to adapt to situations. That is wonderful!

What a marvelous statement, defying the disaster to reach their spirit.

Delightful - must try to set one up in our back garden for the next earhquake!

"Now that my house has burned down, I have a better view of the moon!" Triumph over tragedy!

This is just a best example of happiness in a difficult situation. We should follow such kind of attitude.

Rubber duckies are made for the water. They are made to swim, to splash around in the bathtub, to make kids happy. A rubber duck out of water is like a dog without a bone.

Diggin' your viewpoint.

really funny people, and enjoying the cold