I was not prepared to get a little choked up when watching this movie trailer. Partly because of the use of "new-agey" in the description below. But, it doesn't feel new-agey at all. Just hopeful and aspirational. A big thanks to the Utne Reader for posting:

"You wouldn’t expect the director who gave the world ridiculous films like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Bruce Almighty to make a new-agey documentary about the interconnectedness of all life—but that’s what has happened with I Am, Tom Shadyac’s earnest new feature." Read the full review…

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I just stole this, copied on my own blog with a credit to you, and am sharing it with the few followers I have and the many readers I mail to.

Thank you so much, after todays second quake in Japan on Buddahs birthday, I needed this vision more than ever, and so do others!


I am a near-death experiencer and I am a researcher and author into the near-death experience for over 30 years and six books. We all agree on what is being said in this documentary. In fact, we all have the same mission -- to let everyone know we are connected and that we each have God in us-- and that is expressed as love and compassion. We all need to speak out about this and start the groundswell-- It's going to happen from the bottom up -- our "Political Leaders" are clueless. Thanks to Tom Shadyac for doing this documentary!!

I can't wait to see this movie. It validates my own NDE and my work with thousands of other people who've had this experience. Hurray that even science is coming around to what we discovered - that we DO have a purpose and that we are so much more than we can even imagine. Exciting to (still) be alive in this day and age! Thanks Barbara (below) for forwarding this link!

This is an incredible film. I showed it to my high school students and they were riveted. Now we are asking ourselves: How can we live this message?