(photo: Lars Ploughmann/Flickr)

A few weeks ago, my dad crafted his first-ever text message. He was with my sister, who was on the brink of becoming a mother. His text is classic Dad, a singular mixture of humor, complaint, and anxiety:

“Well we’re here in the hospital waiting for [your sister’s] turn. She’s very calm, which I am not. I don’t think I’ll be able to have lunch until it’s over, which is OK since the soup in the coffee shop doesn’t look too good anyhow. I think it’s kale and it doesn’t look very hot. We’ll keep you apprised about the soup situation and about the baby too. Love, Dad”

Since my baby niece’s entry into the world, I’ve received scores of digital pictures — more than were ever taken of me or my sister during our first week of life. I’ve been experiencing aunt-hood from a geographical distance. But with technology in the mix, I’ve been able to interact with my niece as a pixelated being in ways that weren’t possible when I was a kid.

Now my parents are eager to learn how to Skype! To my amazement, a digital revolution is unfolding in the suburbs of New Jersey as monumental life changes inspire my parents to use technology in new ways.

Has this kind of thing happened to you? What changed in your life that inspired — or forced — you to turn a corner with technology?

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I'm embarrassed to say it was my 60 something MIL who taught us all how to text. One of her sons was living abroad at the time and it was the best form of communication.

My Palm Pilot died and I HAD to get a smart phone. Sigh. But I got an iPhone and I love it! Don't need no apps to sync with my Outlook calendar! :)

A friend with increasingly poor hearing (75-ish) researched and purchased a smart phone solely so that she could text. It has opened up a wonderful avenue of communication for her!

Being of young grandparent age with granddaughter 5 hr away, am brushing off Skype. Forged my text skills some years ago in Tanzania where you buy minutes on your mobile. Text is your friend. Never stopped.

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