The plethora of footage showing the ravaging impact of the earthquake and resulting tsunami on Japanese cities and infrastructure pale in comparison to this hand-held video above. Many of us have seen this BBC video of Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture, a fishing town situated at the tip of a bay on the Pacific Ocean in northeastern Japan; but, when you watch the embedded video shot from, what I can glean to be, the rooftop of an engineering building, you get a deeper sense of why human casualties are numbering at more than 18,000 so far.

Searching through Debris in JapanI imagined that tsunamis crush everything in their path with a massive series of waves and wild storms, but what you see here — besides this camera operator’s steadfast, fearless determination to capture it all — is the rushing water engulf Japan’s capital of the shark fin trade in a matter of minutes. While the water rises, the town sinks.

If cars can float like fishing bobbers on top of the flood waters and huge white storage tanks wander restlessly, the amount of debris displaced must be unfathomable. Robert Hood of MSNBC gives you a better sense of this. He created the panoramic shot below to show an on-the-ground view of the devastating aftermath of the video you see above.

(via Laughing Squid)

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The embedded video is no longer available.

The video is no longer available. However, the destruction and images we have all seen is still heart-breaking and soul-wrenching. We are stunned to silence, but then moved to action.

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Astonishing. . . and heart-breaking.


Horrifying and heart-breaking for all of Japan's citizens, but as an Alaskan fisherman, it's the destruction of these small fishing towns that especially hits my core. Wrote some about the struggle to go on, after being betrayed by the sea you've placed a lifetime of trust in.


Thank you for sharing these videos.

Incredible video. Shows you the power absolute of water. Very little survived.

Speechless, my words completely inadequate, beyond my
comprehension. ~liz

Unbelievable! This tragedy can happen anywhere on earth and it reminds us that we do not control our situation whenever and wherever we are. Only God knows our appointment with Him and it's up to us to get ready to meet Him.