This afternoon we received the following email from Ben Depp, a photographer whose sister Martha, an artist and art teacher, was diagnosed with an advanced form of ovarian cancer:

"I put together a six-minute film on her art, life, and cancer. I think this is a good fit for your blog because of her spiritual journey through her cancer process, and it's very interesting because of how she illustrated the process with painting and drawing. Her blog has touched thousands including many with terminal cancer."

I don't know why, but I started watching Ben's quietly touching video, half expecting an against all odds type of story. It wasn't to be.

Martha died this past Thursday at the age of 33. May she rest in peace with that brand new body she was awaiting:

"Physically, healing hasn't happened. I mean, obviously, I still have cancer, and I'm obviously going to die from it. And it's all over my body. But I'm kind of happy about that because I get to go to heaven sooner and be healed and get a new body and be from pain and suffering, and tears. No more tears."

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This is beautiful. Is it alright if I repost it on another blog, of course giving credit to Ben and linking back to you all for sharing it?

Most definitely, Chelsea.

So beautiful and so touching. I like the part she wrote "where oh death is they victory?"

Thank you so much for this video. What an awesome tribute to a beautiful life.

Having lost my brother to cancer in 2009, I know what it takes to make a tribute as loving and touching as this is. To have Martha's voice and artwork as here must be deeply comforting. May her soul always rest in peace.

What cancer can't do:
Cancer is so limited; it cannot cripple love; it cannot shatter hope;it cannot corrode faith;it cannot destroy peace; it cannot kill friendship; it cannot suppress memories; it cannot silence courage; it cannot invade the soul; it cannot steal eternal life; it cannot conquer the spirit.

Such a beautiful portrait of courage. And embracing the next phase -- a new body, a new way to fly free. Thank you.

Thank you Ben for sharing your sister Martha's story. It was most beautiful and so sad. Such an insite to a very private and touching moment.

Ivy G- from Long Island NY

Thank you Ben for sharing your sister's amazing courage and wisdom, and especially her vision, sensitivity and optimism.

This is a beautiful and moving tribute to both Martha and Ben. I love her spirit.

so very inspiring and such courage for a young woman, wise beyond her years. She is healed now and pain free. Thank you Jesus!

Such a beautiful story; a beautiful person. Thank you Ben.

Hello again,
this morning I watched the video. Tonight I read Martha's blog. It is so very powerful. So many could benefit from it. If you would ever consider self publishing it to make it available on or other leading bookstores might I suggest I used them to publish a book last year. They are wonderful to work with. Martha's art work could be designed into a cover for the book. Just a thought I know this is a personal time for you of healing and you may not wish to hear this. But Martha's wisdom & encouraging words could help so many more if it were in book and not only on the blog.
Praying for your family
Love in Christ

I met a friend's new daughter yesterday. She is 8 months old and was sleeping. We woke her and she looked up at this big old strange thing above her and from deep inside of her arose one of Martha's smiles.

Thank you, Ben, for sharing your sister. We are so honored to learn from her journey. What a courageous, beautiful soul she carries with her into all that is to come....

I am sorry for your loss of your precious sister Martha. I can only imagine how much she will be missed. I am grateful to receive the blessing of her story and her beautiful healing. I loved listening to Martha explain her transformative experience with art. It seemed to me that she found a great sense of peace and knew she was being held in the arms of Love, knew that she was loved, knew that she is Love eternal. And now your love for Martha is a part of us too.
Thank you. ~liz

God Bless you Martha.


Music too loud.

Such a powerful approach she took about healing, she speaks of healing emotionally and spiritually so that she can best live her life as it was then acknowledging that physical healing was not happing.

Sharing this was a great gift thanks to Ben and Martha and On Being.

I , too, have ovarian cancer stage 3 C , diagnosed nov. 09. since then I have had a debulking, six rounds of chemotherapy and a return of visable tumors March 2011. I have chosen palliative care for the remainder of my life. I want to enjoy what's left.

I feel alone as I experience my life shrinking as physical limitations increase.

I like this piece.

I don’t know why, but I started watching Ben’s quietly touching video, half expecting an against all odds type of story. It wasn’t to be.

This is an example of overcoming, and how art can help overcome more difficult situations. Hopefully you are well.

profoundly beautiful. I am forwarding this to a cancer support ministry

This video of an amazing woman is so touching and filled with so much love. Thank you.

So beautiful and moving...thank you for sharing.

Lovely images for very archetypal experiences. Very transforming of her life and encouraging to those of us who share in it.

Wonderful history! This is an example how


I too was very moved by this- I'm an art therapist and would like to link and post this to my blog- can I get your permission to do so? Thank you!

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Mary, of course you may!

Thank you, Ben, for sharing your sister. We are so honored to learn from her journey. What a courageous, beautiful soul she carries with her into all that is to come.

Thank you very much for your useful post.