Fellow passenger deboarding the plane in Tel Aviv. (photo: Trent Gilliss)

What you can’t see in the photo above is the incredible sound of raucous applause and joyful laughter that preceded this shot about a minute earlier. Touching the ground in Tel Aviv was met with glee that rang out across the rows of the 747.

I sense it’s more than the appreciative clapping after a rough-and-tumble trans-Atlantic ride. It’s the Holy Land. German travel groups and little old ladies from Austin, Texas, Hasids from Queens and Israeli citizens were filled with the exuberance of a sacred land and filled with the hopes and dreams of this special place.

Not everyone on our staff thought it was as endearing or charming. They may be right, but I’ll hold on to my naivete a bit longer and thank all my fellow passengers for the lovely moment.

Kate and Kristat at Passport Control at Ben Gurion
Krista and Kate kindly pose at the Israeli customs gate. (photo: Trent Gilliss)

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That first shot is excellent! Glad you're all safe --

I can confirm that the spontaneous applause upon landing in Israel happens often.

in other places can change your mode in the surrounding,it can stretch
your mind and feel refreshing 

Israel may not be quite a fascinating place. Though thinking that it's that land where Jesus was, it would somehow overwhelm you.