Krista Tippett Delivers TEDTalk at the United NationsOn Monday we received an unexpected valentine. Krista’s presentation at the United Nations to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Karen Armstrong’s Charter for Compassion was posted as a TEDTalk!

Released a week earlier than planned, we couldn’t post it until now. At the time, we were in suburban Detroit (go WDET!) setting up for Krista’s interview with Sylvia Boorstein (looking like she’ll be our Mother’s Day show, yay!).

The Twitter chatter has been incredible, and it’s great to see how people respond to these ideas. Please take a few minutes to watch, share it with your friends, and weigh in with your response. We’d love to know what you’re thinking.

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Thank you for Krista's eloquent presentation that gives us so much to think about.

an extraordinary which I will refer to often in the next week as I put together a Sunday message for church, and which I will refer others to. This is the kind of vitally transcendent message that we must share as often as we can, wherever we can, however we can, with whoever we can! Thank you !

Would it be possible to get a transcript of this wonderful presentation? Hope so, thanks!

Profoundly simple, simply profound. Thank you. Will the text of this address become available?

Currently, no transcript is available but we will get something up next week!

I work for an national organization called Character Counts! I head a local coalition in Jacksonville, Florida.

I am currently working to develop a program for recently released offenders to help them recreate their lives, literally from the ground up. As I interviewed, many of the key stakeholders including offenders, case workers, family members and community servants, the word compassion came up over and over.

Creating a community place and space for the re-birthing of a life MUST include compassion. It is from this simple place that relationships grow.

Ironically, as I sit here writing this post in a local coffee shop the song Lean On Me has begun to play. WOW. Talk about feeling the blessings of the universe in this moment. We all need to be able to ask for and give compassion as freely as we talk about giving and receiving love.

As we lean on each other, strength is created beyond understanding...Thank you Krista for this moving and inspiring message. I salute you!!

Inspirational and balanced. Krista appealed to our best selves while acknowledging, maybe even celebrating, our worst ones so that we be honest with ourselves.

compassion as a technology...much more powerful than thinking of it as a 'feeling'

compassion as a technology... more powerful than as a feeling..... thank you K

I subscribe to On Being's podcast. I have a hearing problem, so 'stumbling' on Krista's ted talk on compassion where I could also see her was an unexpected gift for which the only response is gratefulness, and that I am.