Sum Ying Fung, who is believed to be Canada’s oldest living citizen, is 112 today. Some of my favorite interviews lately have come from our older guests such as Joanna Macy and Vincent Harding. There is so much to learn from our elder generations, and I sure hope someone has taken the time to record her voice, her stories, her experiences, her wisdom for generations to come.

And, this story from The Vancouver Sun might bring a smile to your face:

“In 1989 she had a brain tumour, which she and her doctors were reluctant to treat, Barry Fung said.

‘After visiting several neurosurgeons, they all said she was too old to operate on, and that she’s “had a good life anyways.”’ Fung said. ‘All that is, except for a Dr. Donald Griesdale, who said that with all the family support around my grandma, how could he not give it a try?’”

[via The Vancouver Sun]

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living is a blessing yet by the grace of god we will for ever live as he is the only one that decides who does or live

may God continue to bless Sum Ying Fung in this world and the next. Greetings from a fifty three year youngster here in England. Peter G Kimble