We interviewed Frances Kissling on December 20, 2010. A longtime force in the abortion debate, Kissling is searching for new ways to talk to each other, not past each other, about our deepest disagreements.

We live-tweeted gems from the 90-minute conversation, which we’re reposting here in case you don’t use Twitter, or just missed it. Make sure to follow us next time. at @BeingTweets.

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As a woman of 38, who was very serious about remaining childless - at least until now, and maybe for the rest of my life - I so much appreciate Frances Kissling's words and reflections! It is so wonderful to hear the voice of similar difference! Identification!!
And her sharing her personal issues with her kidneys, and relating the way she did in the interview to this tarring and feathering of the uterus (that is, in my opinion, the issue of abortion) is generous and kind.
brilliant! THANK YOU KT!

It's nice to hear from you about these points. Thank you.

Ms. Kissling:
What initiative do you have in your fight against girl or women abuse.
See www.proniss.com / "Education and Heaalth"

Ref. Ayaan Hirsi Ali in proniss site Link, Reference of 1st page / http--theahafoundaation.org / Seattle Channel Video Player

Miss Kissling lacks significant levels of medical knowledge to properly base her views and speak on behalf of women who desire abortion when she herself is not familiar with the medical risks and implications. There is nothing more than theories founded upon personal opinions and bias. I am still waiting for a legitimate pro-choice believer who will back up his/her viewpoints with substantial medical data. For example: she has yet to produce substantial medical evidence that abortion is safe for a woman ranging from anesthesia to the surgical process itself while ample evidence has shown otherwise. Very disappointing.

How can anyone reconcile the deliberate infliction of pain unto death on an innocent being for the sake of another with being ethical[concerned with justice]? Once the fetus feels pain then how can an ethical person justify this? And how can a Christian see this as anything but being diametricalty oppossed to Jesus Christ? Is not the deliberate inflicting of pain  unto death on a defenseless innocent being the epitome of evil? Do not laws and rights and beliefs of justice originate from a universal acknowledgement that sentient beings have an inherent right to not have pain unto death inflicted on them for the sake of another? Justice does not get more simple and more basic then that,it seems to me.