Watch Steve Martin with the Steep Canyon Rangers sing a special song, since they say atheists don’t have any.

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This is hilarious! btw- there actually is a lovely song by Vienna Teng called "Atheists Christmas Carol".

Steve Martin the funniest Brain on the planet.

Hey! Well, I guess they do now!

Needs better icon/image when posting to Facebook... And who is Shubha Bala? Nothing about Steve Martin or even the "Watch Steve Martin..." blurb... Help, why would I post this to Facebook like this?

This is just the best thing EVER!

LOVE this! Athesists don't have much of anything. Very creative. Well done.

Awesome! Athesists don't have much of anything. Very creative. Well done!

What about Festivus? Y'know, for the rest of us.

It's an amazing video clips what I looking for......totally impressive.  When I thinking about Atheists don’t have any songs. But why?

So I thought, sceptic as i am, i thought, let's see what it does, clicked the button ... Artists & Songwriters: Music Xray has released a new song to opportunity

I wrote and performed an epic 16 minute atheist song which I have posted on You Tube. Here's the web address:

I hope you like it!

Funny. Look how out of synch Steve Martin is at some points and right on key for other parts of the song. Great lyrics.

Really funny.....go stevie...

Puerile as required.

This is really great video that you have on your post. Steve Martin with the Steep Canyon Rangers is doing a great by signing a special song for atheists. They are able to pull all the elements together and made the song yet another riveting experience. I look forward to viewing great videos like this again.