Good gosh this is beautiful. Ganesha and Buddha. Grass and lotus flowers. Mountains and sea.

(Thank you, Stephan Kot!)

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Loved it! This montage captured the essence of Bali...all that "grass" is rice, though.

Yes, yes.

I find this highly suggestive, non-spiritual and inappropriate.

Really? After reading your comment, I watched it again and am unsure what you mean by suggestive and inappropriate. I never mean to offend with these posts but simply to share a bit of beauty as I see it online.

Truly a feast for the eyes. Spiritual in its celebration of nature, suggestive of all things beautiful and exotic, and appropriate as food for the soul. Many thanks for sharing this.

Lovely vid but I found it odd to have so many shots from what looked like services to a lovely western woman at a spa. Too many. Those shots mixed in with locals working, local culture, and local environment made me wonder how hard do the local people work to keep up a minimal standard of living while some westerner sits in one of their spas and gazes out languidly. It detracted from the experience of just seeing the beauty of the place and the Balinese culture.

I'd agree with the point about the spa. Thanks for pointing it out.