Mid-August Lunch production still

“Finding happiness doesn’t necessarily follow from pursuing it. Sometimes the deepest happiness comes when you’re least expecting it.”

I love these lines by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks from our show “Pursuing Happiness.” They remind me that happiness can sometimes sprout in our lives serendipitously, without Sisyphean effort.

Grazia Cesarini Sforza (pictured in red above) is one of the stars of Mid-August Lunch, a lovely Italian film about a middle-aged bachelor who takes care of four elderly women — each with distinct and sometimes conflicting temperaments — during Italy’s annual August holiday. Sforza, like most of the cast, had never appeared on screen before. Reflecting on the film’s success and her own experience being part of the production, she echoes Rabbi Sacks’ sentiment:

“The film was … one of life’s gifts that you don’t expect at the age of 90. At 90 what’s gone is gone. … And then the success that it’s had and the friends I’ve made, the people I’ve met is something really. I hadn’t imagined anything like that.”

What experiences come to mind in when you think about an unexpected happiness that landed in your lap?

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I thought the experience was fun, exciting, made me smile. I love the spontaneous events of life - let's go! I wish I could have joined you all for dinner! It would have been a real ball.....as my grandfather would say....a Matzoh Ball!

Bye for now,