This video is a compassion meditation of sorts, featuring the words and voice of one of our most enduring guests, Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. I wonder if this short film can't serve as a sort of loosely guided meditation in its own right. If you have several minutes, use this video as a guided meditation. After you're finished, reflect on your experience and comment on these questions:

  1. How did the sound of the bell and the words of Thich Nhat Hanh help you in focusing your attention?
  2. In what ways did the cinematography of sweeping, aerial vistas and intimate portraits aid you in your focus of nature and fellow people?
  3. Did you find that Phap Niem's fluid chanting helped you in letting go and being more aware of the compassion inside you?
  4. How did/didn't the combination of visuals and audio help guide you in this exercise? Did you find them more distracting then helpful?

And, if you're looking for a more aural focus, try this four-part bell meditation with Arthur Zajonc.

If you'd like to hear more of the audio played in this video, check out Gary Malkin and Michael Stillwater's work in Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying.

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It was lovely. Thank you. There is no need for other words.

A beautiful morning meditation. Thank you!

The combination of stunning visuals with the music, chanting, and Thich Nhat Hanh's meditation certainly gave me a strong sense of the sacred. Very well done. And thank you for featuring it.

There is too much distraction, photos of nature and chant only might work. The monkey and the africans photos brake the calm image rythm, also the voice and the text on screen are making meditation really difficult.

One minute in and I had to stop it. I went and got my wife to come downstairs and watch it with me. We were moved by its beauty. Thank you.

Very much enjoyed it. Made me feel peaceful.

A perfect way to start your day, end your day or spend your day. Thank you, thank you!!!!

Lovely. So lovely. Thank you.

Could be improved if include only visuals and chanting. The voice is distracting.
Would be a lovely meditation otherwise. Thank you for efforts.

Wonderful. Thay's words are so moving along with the stunning visuals and lovely chanting. Peace. Peace. Peace.

the chant is most moving, and the asian sounding instrument with it so lovely. The chord bed is perfect and like a river. For me the visuals are last, but the whole together invites a big breath of peace. Thank you.

no words can truly express my feelings for this took my breath away..

i like the chanting and the bell...voice is distracting.

Thank you I wish it had lasted much much longer

The images were beautiful and allowed me to visually connect to all life and the beauty that lies in our world daily yet it was not sappy. Deeper and more meaningful were the sounds of the bell. i was transcended by this. Thank you Thank you Thank you.