This TEDtalk by branding guru Stacey Kramer is three minutes long and inspirational in its brevity and its punch. Nobody wishes for adversity but sometimes it's a profound teacher.

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Thank you Stacey for such a beautiful description of "the gift" that cancer or any challenge we have to face in this life. I feel the same way about my cancer diagnosis. You message was so beautiful... a gift itself.
Ro "cancerfreepants" Poulson

I guess this paean has hit me at a vulnerable time. Tomorrow is the anniversary of my husband's death from a glioblastoma.

I also lost my husband after a nine month fight with a glioblastoma. It was an amazing time. But it was a gift that I would not wish on anyone else. There were times of shear terror. We were surrounded by activity, love, prayer and very positive assistance from the medical community as well as many people who had become our friends over the years. I could not have imagined how close we would become with each other and with our supporters. When death is a part of the picture it is hard to see the gift. No one can understand that.

My grandfather, father, and brother died of cancer (all different forms) ... so this blog was especially powerful to me. To make the video all the more impactful, the "gift" should be hidden in both the link to this website and on this page (below the video). Once those two changes are accomplished, the viewer will have the same reaction as Ms. Kramer's live audience.