NOTE: At 9:30 a.m. EDT (Saturday, September 25th) the live stream will open; conversation will begin promptly at 9:50 a.m.

Krista Tippett and Paul Raushenbush at PRPDIf you’re a loyal public radio fan or a reader of the religion section at The Huffington Post, you’re going to enjoy this video stream coming to you live from Denver, Colorado. From the PRPD (Public Radio Program Directors) annual conference, Krista will be speaking with Paul Raushenbush, HuffPo Religion editor and associate dean of religious life at Princeton University.

The emergence of HuffPo Religion is one of many recent signs that religion and spirituality have evolved to occupy a very different place in American culture than they did a decade ago. Krista and Paul will look at the transition from Speaking of Faith to Being through this lens, and share segments from the program including listener-generated stories and interviews with special guests.

Grab a cup of coffee and watch this live conversation with us. We’ll open up the live stream at 9:30 a.m. EDT (7:30 a.m. Mountain), and the conversation will start promptly at 9:50 a.m., lasting about 30-45 minutes.

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I'm here, but all I'm hearing is music!

dont suppose theres any way you could raise the volume?

Is it better for you?

Conversations like this are a sanctuary in which people can be trusting enough, honest enough, vulnerable enough to provide a vision of possibility for the way we can build community in the midst of the diversity which so often divides. Thank you.

You're most welcome. We hope to continue for many years to come.

The code of civility offered by Jim Wallis and the Sojourners Community might be a good link for listeners to Being and/or HuffPo Religion

I am interested in your thoughts on empathy. Recently a number of friends and colleagues have been talking about this of late. Insights?

I am in a neuroscience class and one of the things we've been discussing is that we may be hardwired for empathy through mirror neurons. It's fascinating....Marco Iacoboni has a book out on mirror neurons that you might find helpful.

Wow, what a great surprise! Thanks to Trent who I've appreciated without knowing it; now I do. Another example of dialouge that gives me hope and truth about the human heart.

Can we get notified a little earlier next time? I didn't check email early this morning and only got to hear the last half hour or so. At least 24 hours would be very helpful.
Thanks. Great conversation. I especially loved what Krista told the director of WDET about including religious people in not-directly-religious conversations. Super important idea. As usual for Being.

Sure thing. We've also been promoting this stream through Twitter and Facebook, but the live stream of Krista moderating the plenary session at the Clinton Global Initiative also was being promoted. It's a tricky balance because if we send a notice too early then many people forget; if I send multiple reminders others find it invasive. I'll keep trying to find that right balance though. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, an exciting presentation. I am very excited about the new name Being! I listen to you, Krista, on my ipod and especially love the unedited presentations. You help me grow and keep my horizons wide and open and compassionate. I am a discalced secular Carmelite, age 76 but oh so young at heart!
Blessings to you Krista, your whole team and your family. How blest your children are to have such a mom. I pray you good health and continued good listening to your inner voice.

You're enthusiasm is infectious!

Thanks for posting this for those of us who did not see the eMail until after the fact ...

I tried to listen to this, but the reverb of the sound was terrible - couldn't concentrate on what was said because there was a split-second delay before the same word was heard again. How disappointing!

Thank you for this wonderful interview. I am honored to write for the Religion page of HuffingtonPost and am grateful for the opportunity to join this important conversation.

Enlightening interview. Stretching the understanding of religions in a nonthreatening way will build the much needed bridges. The polarization caused by focusing on differences must end, as must the need to be right. If we can agree to disagree with civility so many great things can be accomplished for so many. Changing the name of the show will hopefully bring all the more to the discussion. Thank you for reminding us that these are both challenging and hopeful times.

What if it is found that from the perspective of truth, (truth being the compilation of acquired knowledge through time; ie.... the world is now round instead of flat...), there are right and wrong traditions of belief ? That even in all the metaphoric interpretation of all the diverse strands of human searching for understanding and meaning there will emerge new discoveries that will take closer to reality and force us to leave old and even harmful ideas behind; ie. good and bad beliefs. Then choices must be made.
I have been watching and listening to SOF since the beginning and have noticed the obvious evolution. It seems that underlying the stage upon which the cacophony of spiritual music is played is a foundation of the fundamental need for unification; to bring all the divergent faiths and creeds and philosophies into some new harmony. While I keep hearing the call for more to come to ,"the Discussion", I see the planet spin constant and steady toward darkness.
Is what we're doing here exploration? Or are we trying to survive ?