Arlington, Massachusetts

I raced to get to the pond in Arlington, hoping there would still be some light left when I got there. Luckily, there was about five minutes of great sunlight left, and it left lovely colors on the edge of the clouds, and glowing through to the still surface of the water.

Creating a photograph is like meditation, full of paradoxes that coexist happily. The perfect shot cannot be captured by chasing it into a corner, and yet you must have the persistent drive to do it. You must be open to seeing something unique and special in the current moment, but having a vision for what the perfect shot is will help you to record it.

It is dazzling to me how there is such a dance and flow between these various things. Perhaps the most important thing is to know when to run after a shot and when to back off and let your eyes and camera focus elsewhere, when to envision the end product and when to let the subject tell you what it wants to show, when to be in the moment but stay committed to letting your eye and your equipment be used to portray that thing of beauty.

Monica BiswasMonica Biswas is a photographer and mother living in Belmont, Massachusetts. You can view more of her images that help her connect her "own thoughts, reflections and intentions."

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Spectacular, I appreciate the intuitive nuances you experience as you dance with art.

hello ~liz,
I like your use of the word 'intuitive'-- it's true that it's intuition, not emotion alone, that brings us to these opportune moments. -Monica

I have been fortunate enough to joyfully share your same experience for many years now, often not that far away, on the Massachusetts coast by the ocean. When this meditative experience can be manifested in one's photographs, the results give pleasure to all that pay attention to them.

I truly enjoyed the photograph and your blog, which not only augmented the beauty, but also brought the photograph to life. I could feel the rings of ripples going through me ever expanding my thoughts until I am one with the almighty.

Art and beauty is a dance and being ready to dance is the music. A friend wrote: You can choose to dance or not to dance, but in the end the dance chooses you.

Beautiful shot...And I agree that photography, especially when you're really "in it", creates a wonderful form of meditation.

My best shots seem to come from the days I am most present in the sights around me and in tune with what to capture - or not...

Thanks for sharing this link with me. It's so good to hear from you and the photo is so rich in texture, movement, stillness, vibration, color. I strongly believe that photography can be one of many tools on the path to self discovery and I see that you are ON that path! :-)

This is a beautiful commentary on an equally beautiful picture. This description of the "dance and flow" between various avenues of attention, the idea of the flow between them rather than the competition for attention that could otherwise be experienced, reminded me of an amazing video I saw the other day with John Kabat-Zinn.