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As we began to spread the word to close friends about our name change from Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett to Krista Tippett on Being, we were invited to speak to an audience of colleagues here at American Public Media earlier this month. Our pal, Future Tense host John Moe, agreed to interview Krista and get at the basic questions: Why the change? Why Being? What does it all mean? In this video, our inimitable host takes on these questions with passion, intelligence, and grace.

We’ve heard from hundreds of you that the name change is a brilliant idea, a terrible idea, or something in between. Some who regret the change see the necessity for it. Some who love the old name acknowledge the new name is a better fit for the program content. Others says they need some time to think about it and adjust. For many, there is some sadness in losing the word “faith” in its robust and broadest meanings, and we acknowledge that loss. We’ve also heard you say you don’t quite get Krista’s name in front of Being. It’s there (especially during this transition) so you know that Krista Tippett remains central to this program and its vision. In general conversation on the radio and in other applications, the name of the program will most often be Being.

But we also want to reassure you that we are not losing faith in a programmatic sense. The name change is not a signal of a change in the editorial vision or content. As you will hear Krista relate in this video, the new name reflects an evolutionary change that has occurred over time. Being will remain the conversation about “religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas” you have come to know.

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I agree with the main reasons for changing the name, but I do not like the one you came up with. It needs "more notes"--and Krista's name after, not before.

I do not like the new name. Are you now ashamed to speak of faith?

The essence of your program has deeply influenced my life and my thinking and my being. Your new name is just fine.

I am unable to play this video. Therefore, it's useless to me.

In Religion, the "spirit" is of the nature of "Being." In science, medicine, psychology and Buddhism, Being is addressed as "What is our true nature, purpose and capacity. In the end, it always comes back home to the issue of "Being." Buddhism has an interesting slant on this. They say, in essence, that there are no 'nouns' in reality, only verbs. It's an Einstinian kind of insight which realizes that what we call "things" (nouns) are, in reality, not static, solid and 'fixed' at all, but rather are constantly morphing, dynamic, evolving processes, like clouds ever changing against the sky or like electrons swirling inside the atomic soup. When understood in this way, when the notion of "Being" is properly understood as a verb describing an evolving, ever changing dynamic, the appropriateness of this new program title becomes apparent. That is why Plato said the highest edifice in learning is to "Know Thyself." In the end, it all comes back to Being.

G Bruce
Reflecting Pool Discourse Blog
"Has Religion Forsaken Spirituality" -- Reflecting Pool Discourse Blog

I am afraid you have fallen victim to the if it "ain't broke fix it anyway" syndrome overlayed with a slice rock-star imagism, and a good dash of pretentious. I can't wait to see the trend develop: Keith Olberman on Conscience, or Juan Williams on Angst, or Karl Rove on Evil. As long as the content remains the same, we'll adjust, I guess. Fame is an intoxicating brew, isn't it?

This is an extraordinary program regardless of what you call it. Faith is just a word and is meaningless in and of itself. Belief, conviction, optimism and hope abound in your message and scream faith more loudly and profoundly than the 5 letter scrawl ever could on its own.

If the new name reaches a larger audience and better reflects the inclusive nature of these conversations, all power to you and your team.

To those concerned with the dropping of "faith" from the title, I would hope you would reflect on the inclusiveness "Speaking of Faith" long engendered and see this as an opportunity to put that inclusiveness to work. We are all beneficiaries here. It is the idea of "ownership" that we are attempting to over come in these conversations, remember?

I have for a long time felt the original name, "Speaking of Faith" was very unfortunate. I have been a dedicated listener for years and felt that the name was constraining because the actual content of the program was so much broader than what the name implied, and that the included word "faith"is unfortunately a word that will turn off many people who consider themselves non-religious, agnostic, or atheistic, or even otherwise simply uninterested in religious matters. When I tried to convince some non or quasi-religious friends to listen to this this wonderful program because it was really about so much more - about the human condition and how we all try to understand who we are and where we've come from and to try to benefit from those who have come before us with wonderful insights into our human condition - they never would listen. I myself have come through a path of being a devoutly religious member of a very narrow religion to being a reluctantly confirmed agnostic to now coming back to a much broader, but at the same time deeper, understanding of what it means to be human - and along my journal through all of this "Speaking of Faith", now - thankfully renamed - "Being" has always been a very important support role my journey. Thank you for your invaluable show Krista - and thanks for changing the name - possibly the second greatest idea you had since your idea of creating your wonderful program in the first place.

Change always take time to adjust to, but I believe that the word Being will in the long run prove to be the more suitable one in the context of our evolving understanding of the ultimate reality.

I'm a German artist and have been a dedicated listener since years. Listening to Krista today reminded me of a dilemma I had when I wanted to call a show of my pictures in New Orleans. In this exhibition were only pictures showing people, human beings in various states of mind and their emotional expression. In German I called the show "Dasein", a word that embraces everything "what is". I asked for suggestions how to translate this word into English but nobody seemed to have an idea of an equivalent term. I believe Krista does some groundbraking work here.

Energetically speaking, the work "being" is so much more dynamic, more like a spiral. When I contrast this word to words such as "speaking of faith" I perceive more of a linear space, not quite a box but constrictive. I have listed to your program for several years and I am loving the space of being!!!

Kate --

Did you know Hamm Moos / Minnesota Spiritual Leader?

Kevin O'Hara

The program should really be called "Speaking of Philosophy" since "being" means anything, thus nothing. Unfortunately "philosophy" is considered a stuffy old subject by many people who don't know what it is about. The last program about education was completely out of historical context since it did not cover the fact that America's greatest philosopher, John Dewey, dealt with questions such as "education and democracy" over a hundred years ago, with theories better than those being kicked around today.

can I get copies of all talks so far...thank you

Joy, I'd like to help you but I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for. What I can tell you is that almost our entire catalogue of radio programs are available from 2005 to the present day. Just visit our website at, then click-through to the each show's site and download the mp3.