I’m one of those people that has not yet learned how to enjoy doing things alone. This video seemed sweet and light for a Friday break — while providing instruction on how to work your way up to embracing being alone. Enjoy, and share your stories of breaking your own solo-boundaries.

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i love this video!

Who could not love The thought; The speech; The action of solitude and all that it embraces.
Asante sana

What woundrous insight-
Thank you.

super sweet, beautiful and true!

really, really nice. my dad was in the military so i was aqlways the new kid in town and have made myself my own best friend.so at least i know when i'm sitting here talking to my self i'm guaranteed an intelligent conversation

This is a great comment on a not so popular perspective. I, too, love solitude but know that I need to balance it with community. I have noticed that, for me, in spite of yearning to be alone, experiences are richer when shared with a loved one.

This was beautiful! And, so true, especially the part about people approaching you when you're alone who wouldn't if you were with someone.

I went on a long bike ride in upstate New York by myself and asked someone to take a picture of me against a beautiful view of a lake surrounded by mountains. We ended up having a long conversation about the area. I learned so much that I probably wouldn't have if I'd been riding with a friend (who could of taken my picture).

Thanks for sharing this perspective and work of art. Was impressed with not only the thinking offered, but the way it was presented. It really captured my attention, when I might have been just passing by. I also liked the comment regarding the need for balance with community. Balance is a part of life, isn't it?

love it!

Nice vid! (and i love her accent) I live alone and generally love it so I resonate with the joys of aloneness. But I find when I have just spent time with a good friend that was particularly wonderful and gratifying...it is odd how empty I feel and sometimes sort of lost when I get home to an "empty" house. A kind of grieving, I guess, though I feel gratitude it is bitter sweet...like somehow the nourishment of being with someone is so delicious sometimes, hate to see it shift. The images of being on the bench, I think, echoed this thought. Thanks for posting this video!

You are amazing all by yourself.
I feel ya.
I really feel ya.
Especially the part about your family.
And the harmonica throughout...brilliant.
You put my day,my week my year, in a song.
You get me. You really do.
Thank you!