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Yes, tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan in North America. For the next 30 days Muslims will be fasting, praying, meeting with friends, and celebrating. But, Ramadan is as much an inner journey as a set of rituals. It's a chance for a Muslim to explore the deepest recesses of oneself and one's relationship with God.

So, we wanted to better understand these personal stories and reflections about the meaning of Ramadan and how Muslims incorporate those experiences into their personal faith journeys during Islam's holiest month and afterward. We created and produced a special series we call "Revealing Ramadan” in which we present 30 stories — one story per day — featuring the voices of Muslims from Madrid to Dallas and Seattle.

Check back on this blog each day or on our Facebook page to hear the latest version. If you're the on demand type or simply need a more automated form of listening, we've produced a special podcast feed that's available now. Oh, and a special show too!

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What a wonderful idea! Looking forward to reading these each day.

Very much looking forward to reading the stories. Last years series was enlightening.

Looking forward to hearing the stories and reflections. Last year I found the series beautifully nourishing and illuminating. I'm especially looking forward to encountering Adnan Onart's wonderful poetry again.

All good wishes to SoF listeners who are celebrating Ramadan. May your journeys be full of deep blessings, inspiration and joy. Peace be with you.

This is so inspiring! How can one participate this? I'd appreciate to know. Thank you!
Ramadan Mubarak everyone! (: