Following up on last week's video post, here's a 3½-minute video snack where a mix of UUs explain how they came to this tradition. Listening to these voices, it's clear that each person's journey is unique and doesn't necessarily follow a linear path. Some arrived through predictable channels — friends, marriage, family — while others had more surprising stories — and why they decided to stay.

Later this week we'll be posting a longer-form piece that caps this video series of interviews from the Unitarian Universalist 2010 General Assembly. And, next week, a video showcasing a sped-up procession of beautiful quilted banners for the opening day festivities!

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For those interested in exploring further, the Be Spiritual podcast features conversations with Unitarian Universalists about their spiritual journeys and beliefs. You may listen or download at

I came from a background that restricted many things; the way you dress, who you like and/or hang out with, how you were baptized and more. It turned me off and I stopped attending a church for a long time. When I finally decided to "check out" the local UU church, I felt welcome and almost like family from day one!