WNBA player Mistie Bass’s essay in Friday’s New York Times is a personal reflection about her stint coaching a women’s basketball team in the Persian Gulf kingdom of Bahrain:

“They were used to being coached by men who tended to discourage them. But I saw nothing but tremendous potential, and I tried to nourish it. I made it clear that I was invested in the team’s improvement, and the players made it clear that they were serious as well. … Coaching them really drove home the point that if you give with no intent to receive, you will get so much more in return.”

Bass goes on to say how she transcended her own preconceptions about Islam through the real relationships she developed with her players. Her essay reminds me that sports can be a powerful way to forge bonds despite differences in language, culture, and religion.

We’ve been talking as a production staff about the meaning and purpose people find through sports — whether they’re athletes or fans or both. With the World Cup fast approaching, we’re wondering about the significance of sports in your own life. Is there a spiritual dimension to sports for you? What ideas do you have about how SOF could open up a conversation about this topic?

(photo: Mistie Bass/Chicago Sky)

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Sports whether watching or doing, can give one the exhilaration of kowing that life is only as long as this body will last, and emphasize the magnificence of the body.

I love this! Just love it! Love the fact that these young women are doing what they want to do and love the fact that they convey a good image of Isalm. By the way I am an Orthodox Christian.

Congratulations to Ms. Bass and her smiling team. I saw a documentary last year about the trials & tribulations of a Turkish women's soccer team. These are uplifting, wonderful stories and quite the opposite of that demagogic Dutch politician who spreads fear with his writings. A misguided friend sent me a transcript of a speech the pol gave before a well-known think tank in the US (sent just before the presidential election, by the way). The friend thought the speech "well-reasoned"! Thanks, Mistie, for your efforts; they are sorely needed

It is a good work doing by the WNBA player Mistie Bass’s essay who personal reflection about her stint coaching a women’s basketball team in the Persian Gulf kingdom of Bahrain.