Readers of The New York Times submitted more than 10,000 photographs to its “Moment in Time” project, depicting views of the world as seen at 15:00 U.T.C. (Coordinated Universal Time) on this past Sunday, May 2nd. Awaiting the results, I was touched by the editors’ remarks when the images first started pouring in:

“…that portrait seems to be one of surprising tranquillity. No one has to tell readers of The Times, or just about anyone else, how upended and violent the world seems to be at the moment. But our respondents tended to show moments of repose, rather than anxiety; of warmth, rather than heat.”

One of the photo categories shows the diversity through which people were engaged in religion at that moment in time — from becoming a rabbi to preparing for a snake festival. I captured some of my favorites in the following slideshow and would like to see ones you preferred that I might have missed.

In the photo above, children attend Mass at the Parish of San Pedro Claver in Caquetá, Columbia. (The New York Times).

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It's great you picked out the meditation at Upaya Zen Center photo as one of your favorites... I live right next door!

A picture is always worth more than what we seem to be able to say in a few words. Peace, love, contentment, and it goes on. Each moment brings us more context to evaluate and then it's gone. If we lived more in the 'now' maybe our path would be 'cleaner', concise, and healthier for each other.