The Nashville Flood: “Our Eyes Being Directed Toward God”
Colleen Scheck, senior producer

Pete Wilson and Anderson CooperEarlier this week, Trent sent the following email to our staff:

“Would one of you be willing to blog about the flood in Tennessee/Nashville? I read a poignant tweet last night in which the person was begging the media to cover what has happened (the flood) rather than what might have happened (NY car bomb). And we also received this tweet from a follower, @bigjohnscott: @softweets checkout @pwilson in Nashville & what churches across the country are doing fighting the flood. Sounds like an incredible story.”

I scheduled an interview with Pete Wilson (download mp3 of unedited interview), senior pastor of Nashville’s Cross Point Community Church, for Thursday morning, only to learn that morning that I had been “bigfooted” by CNN’s Anderson Cooper (happens all the time). But Pete and I still had a chance to speak yesterday about his reflections on the devastating floods in Tennessee and the relief efforts he’s organized through his church.

With their permission, we’ve produced this multimedia package pairing our interview with photos from this past week posted on Cross Point Church’s Flickr page. We’d love to get feedback and thoughts.

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If you listen carefully, I think he was very careful NOT to say that the catastrophe happened so that people would turn to God. You're right, that sort of theology is simplistic and insensitive. But I think he's correct that, when these things happen, we have a choice as to our response. We can be sorry for ourselves, become bitter towards God; or we can use it as an opportunity to help, to become closer to others and to God. I think that's what he meant by that title.
I completely agree with you that the media should have been all over this story, and I don't understand why it's been largely ignored. We've heard more about some random cooler in Times Square or the hung Parliament in England than about this tragedy in our midst. I don't get it. Thanks to SOF for these great images, and for raising awareness!

I must not have been clear (moi?). I have no experience I can or would
name "god." I sometimes apply that word to various experiences or
situations, but not in any sense of "turning to an entity or supernatural
being" who / which might respond.
Said in another way, in a foxhole under fire I don't turn to god. My
quibble was with the assumption that more or less everyone has a
second-person Something or Someone they turn to in moments of crisis.
And to further clarify, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that;
only that it's not the only reality and not the only spiritual reality. My
passion is for inclusivity, and that approach does not include me.
Does that help?

Where was Jim Cooper our Congressman?

I believe many of us have become complacent with our elected officials within government. For instance, many of us have grow accustomed to the norm of having politicians like Jim Cooper working for the lobbyist and self interest groups, but not for the best interest of We the People and our Nation.

As patriotic Americans we must remember it hasn't always been this way. Before Jim Cooper, we within the 5th district of Tennessee had elected many great statesmen to represent us within the U.S. Congress.

As you may already know, I'm one of the candidates running against Jim Cooper. However this doesn't necessarily mean you need to elect me to the U.S. Congress in order to fix this injustice. What is most important here is we need to replace Jim Cooper with someone that will live up to the words of being “our representative” in Congress.

Thank you, and God bless the Republic of the United States of America.

Eric Pearson, Democratic Party candidate for US Congress in the 5th district, Tennessee.

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