NYT’s Lens blog posted a fun entry about Senator Patrick Leahy’s personal photography as he operates from a unique vantage point within the hallowed halls and meeting rooms of Washington D.C. As interesting as the many photos of presidents and legislators are, it’s this “conscience picture” — a portrait he took of an El Salvadoran man in a refugee camp in 1987 — that I find most intriguing, most grounding.

Conscience Picture by Sen. Patrick LeahyFrom James Estrin’s piece:

“I set that over my desk,” Senator Leahy said, “and every time I think I’m getting a little carried away with myself, I look at that and hear him say: ‘O.K. You’ve talked to all these very important people all around the world; people who have power and money and everything. What are you doing for people like me?’”

(photo: Patrick Leahy)

(h/t to Shelley, my lovely wife)

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Senator Leahy, I'm proud to say, is my senator. And he is truly a man of the people. It shows in his actions everyday, in Washington, in Vermont and around the world.

I double down on my respect for the man.

I knew that Sen. Leahy was a photographer, but had never seen any of his snaps!