Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Krista Tippett and a Bowl of Dried MangosArchbishop Desmond Tutu holds his gift of dried mango while speaking with Krista Tippett. (photo: Trent Gilliss)

Last week, we somewhat subversively teased fans of our Facebook page with this status update:

Within minutes, we received many guesses, and it was Kim Connolly who correctly identified the mystery guest: Archbishop Desmond Tutu. We had the pleasure and honor of interviewing him while he was on retreat at the The Fetzer Institute in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We kept it quiet until now to respect his privacy until his departure.

As we prepared for this interview, I asked his assistant if the Archbishop had any preferences we should be aware of when he does interviews. She kindly indicated that he's very flexible and added, "Should you wish to spoil him a bit, he is mad about dried mango."

Krista Tippett Presents Archbishop Desmond Tutu with a Bowl of Dried Mangos(photo: Colleen Scheck)

So, when Krista sat down across from him to start the interview, the Archbishop spied the bowl of dried mango (unsulphurized!) next to her and commented on it, which you can hear in the audio clip above.

That humorous exchange began a sincere, reflective, and playful conversation between Krista and Desmond Tutu that we look forward to producing and sharing for the podcast and radio at the end of April — along with video of the complete, unedited interview.

(Full disclosure: The Fetzer Institute is an underwriter of Speaking of Faith.)

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Well, this little audio clip is a teaser, too. Can't wait to hear the show and the full interview. Bishop Tutu is a favorite person for his peaceful ways.

I have been trying to find the videos that Krista says are available to download from the website and I haven't found them Could someone help me? Thank you!

I had a chance to see Desmond Tutu once, when he came to Helena, Montana, back when Bush Sr. was president, and we were on the brink of the Gulf War. He was (is) one of the most delightful and inspiring persons in my memory. Understanding what he has lived through and witnessed, and seeing his capacity for impish humor speaks volumes, and helps remind us that it is possible to not only survive traumatic times, but to bring our deep humanity with us. I'm hoping you'll get some video clips up. His expressive face is such a delight! Thank you for this interview Krista & crew. Thank you!

Thank you again Krista and team.

I. also, am still waiting for word on the video which is mentioned at the end of the show. If it is never to come, how about posting that message here?

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