A couple of weeks before my birthday, my mom sent me an e-mail reminding me when my “star birthday” was — March 14th, by the way — and saying she was donating to a local temple on that day so they can provide free food for the congregation. Although I’ve always been told when my star birthday was, this was the first time I went on a quest to find out what it was.

Simply put, your star birthday is your birthday using the Hindu calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar. Hindu calendars are traditionally used to derive entire individual horoscopes, which are culturally consulted for just about everything — from determining a baby’s name to finding the best wedding location (and person!)

Your birth star, or Janma Nakshatra, is just one component of the calendar. If you draw a line from where you were born, at the time you were born, to the moon, the Janma Nakshatra is the star constellation that the line would pass through. Each month has 27 Nakshatras, which means some Nakshatras will occur twice in a month.

As with most aspects of Hinduism, there is no rule as to what significance a star birthday has. For example, I spoke to Narayanan Kandanchatha, who grew up in the Indian state of Kerala and is from the sub-caste Nambudiripad. He said that each year they would have to do an important prayer on their star birthday. In his case, the star was so critical that if it was missed, rather than do it the next day, they would wait until the Nakshatra of the following month. He also said that in his culture, in order to do a Upanayanam ceremony (the male coming of age ceremony for the Brahmin caste), a boy must have conducted a special ceremony on his Nakshatra 36 times.

For my mom, her tradition was to wear new clothes on her star birthday. Then she mailed me a new shirt to wear. Some people believe naming your baby with the same first syllable as their star is auspicious. My parents didn’t intend it, but in researching this blog I discovered that I coincidentally ended up with an auspicious first name!

Finding your star birthday

  1. Find your Janma Nakshatra when you were born by using this calculator and your birth year (mine is Satabhisha.)
  2. Next find the Hindu month in which you were born. Scroll to the table of Hindu months here to find the start and end dates for that month. For example, I was born March 5, which would be the month Phalguna, starting on February 20.
  3. Then, go back to this first calculator, and for the date range enter your full Hindu birth month (e.g., February 20 - March 19) for the current year. It will give you a table with all the Nakshatras for the month. Find the date your Nakshatra lands on, and that is your star birthday this year (March 14 for me). If your Nakshatra occurs two times in that month, the second time is when you would celebrate your star birthday.

Since Hinduism is a religion composed of diverse cultures and history, the details in this procedure can change. Many cultures define their months differently. Also, some people don’t use the Nakshatra at all, using instead the Tithi, a completely different aspect of the calendar. But I’ll leave you to investigate these varieties on your own.

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Mine is Hastam. When I was a kid, I thought that having a star birthday and a "real" birthday could only be a good thing... 2 is better than 1? Well, I've found that having "2" birthdays only complicates things. :-)

Mine is Hastam. When I was a kid, I thought that having a star birthday and a "real" birthday could only be a good thing... 2 is better than 1? Well, I've found that having "2" birthdays only complicates things. :-)

After I moved to Minneapolis I heard the two birthdays described as "paayasam birthday" and "Cake Birthday" You guess which is which

After I moved here I heard the 2 birthdays described as "Cake Birthday" and "Paayasam Birthday". You can guess which is which.

My Chinese Buddhist birthday is 1/17/71 (4671 Tiger)
This Chinese year is 4707 Tiger. My next birthday on the Hebrew calendar (11/16/34 Shavat 11 5734) will be on January 21 2011 5771. My Islam birthday (1/15/94 Muharram 1 1394) will be on the winter solstice 1431 December 21 2010.

Is there a reason for the Nakshatra Calculator not going further than 1962? I was trying to figure out the star birthday for my mother. :)

Lights on forehead

My DOB is 18/09/94. Satabisha. My star starts from 17/09/94 11pm and ends at 19/09/94 12am. Confused about my star birthday. :(

Your definition about janma nakshastra is wrong.janma nakshastra is the constellation where the moon is situatated at the time of birth. It does not depend upon where you are born and it is not related to any line as you have written in your article.