This one-minute time-lapse film taken in Mauna Kea, Hawai'i made me ache for the magic dome of my home state of North Dakota — the thickness of the galaxy in plain site. The canvas overhead will surely spark your sense of wonder for the weekend. Enjoy heartily.

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I love time-lapse photography, especially of the sky. This is a treasure. Reminded me of "still" images: visiting the McDonald Observatory, and the sky clearing just in time for our late-night viewing. Binary stars, the Pleiades up close and crowded with stars, a climbing comet ... beautiful, beautiful night. How do we sleep through you?

I like this, indeed it shows what a photographer can do with the Cannon 5D.

I shall be one speck of dust floating in the Milky Way waiting for you to join me in the creation of a new star.


Hauntingly beautiful and a brief respite from a gloomy Saturday morning...

wow, that was awesome!

How easy it is to forget when one is in a city like New York that the Universe is more than a subject of academic or cosmological discussion. No. It is quite real, and overwhelmingly beautiful!

The wonder of the stars, of space, of Chi.

Wonderful, especially on this Easter Sunday. Thanks.

Made me feel like I was on a spaceship! I guess in a sense, we are!!

What is amazing to me is that with so much light pollution, there are millions if not billions of people who have never experienced the milky way. During the power outage in LA a few years ago, emergency lines were deluged with calls from people concerned about the huge band of light in the sky. I grew up in the dark (then) mountains of southern Oregon, later lived in a protected area of the Olympic Penninsula in WA state, and then high in the Colorado Rockies. In all of those places, the Milky Way was like a beacon for me. Now, ironically, I live in a small village in Vermont saturated with street lamps, and I not only cannot see the Milky Way, I cannot even see the lighning bugs in my back yard! I truly miss the Milky Way; something essential is missing from my life.

Another remarkable time lapse view of the Milky Way:

Awesome, Thank You

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Truly beautiful.  A very nice expose of a gorgeous, night sky.  One thing does surprise me here: even on Mauna Kea, chosen site for one of the world's greatest observatories in part because it is so dark, I am surprised by how much light of human origins there is there.  Even there, *sigh*.

I am from North Dakota too, and left for Hilo, Hawaii when I was nineteen years old. I couldn't help but feel comforted by running up Hilo's hills and looking up to feel home again. I now live in NYC, but I constantly look for moments of home. This video was great. Thank you.

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Cathy, love that phrase "moments of home." Great to hear from a fellow NoDak.

thank you for t his minute long contemplation. Been to Mauna Kea and appreciate having this 'memory'.

A beautiful reminder of our place in the universe, endlessly beautiful. We must lament that because of light pollution so many of us are no longer in touch with the awe of the Milky Way. So rarely do we feel both humbled and exalted in its presence. Incredible that even the barest hint of that majesty on a small screen can touch us deeply, surely a sign of its profound power. Thank you for that.

Lovely time-lapse.