Current NewGround Fellow (check out our program on the organization) Ali H. Mir has written a challenging piece in USC’s The Scoop. By definition of the Patriot Act, he says, journalists should be identifying Joseph Andrew Stack III — the suicide bomber who flew his plane into a federal building in Austin, Texas in order to kill employees of the Internal Revenue Service — as a terrorist and not simply a tax protester:

“Law enforcement and the major media outlets in the United States need to be consistent in their definition of terrorism and to use the term objectively. Selective use of the term makes it clear that objectivity is simply a conceit and that certain racial, ethnic and religious groups are incapable of committing acts of terrorism (i.e. upper-middle-class white men who own airplanes and nurture a grievance against their own government).”

(h/t Diane Winston)

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I agree with Ali H. Mir 110%...Journalists most certainly should be referring to Joseph Andrew Stack III as a terrioist, and that was pretty much the concensus among us common folk in rural Missouri sitting in the break room the other day as the story broke. Just because those in power of 'journalism,' (and I use the term loosely these days), aren't calling it for what it is...we get it here down on Main Street!